The Apple iPhone

The subject may sound a bit misleading.  This entry has nothing to do with the new Apple iPhone, but what it represents.  Though this phone has its flaws and overlooked features, everyone agrees that it’s truly innovative and in my opinion will most likely become better with future generations.  But I digress.

The iPhone is so innovative that I can’t help but think about what Danny has mentioned to me before… Eddie will not be around to see these new technological advances.  I don’t even think the final product design was available while Eddie was in the hospital.  Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that the world doesn’t stop for a single person.  No matter how true that may be, I enjoy knowing that with my memories and my thoughts I can, in some way, keep Eddie’s presence moving forward as well.

One thing I know for sure is that Eddie would be very excited for the iPhone’s release.  He probably wouldn’t wait in line for it though, nor buy the first generation – unless it was a great deal.