A lot of times I’m sitting at home or in my office and I terribly want to write an entry into this online journal, but I just don’t know what to say.  Do I say something about Eddie? Do I talk about my day?  Do I just post random rubbish that crosses my mind?  And ultimately, I come back to the former.  This tribute, this entire site really, was created for Eddie and I felt as though I should be compelled to only write entries that are related to him.

Though I have a numerous thoughts about Eddie throughout the day, I can’t seem to express them well enough in words and so that leads me to not post anything at all.  So I thought about it some more.  Is it better to write something than nothing?  And I finally figured that, yes, it is.  My problem has been straigntening out the thoughts in my head, ranging from the mundane to thoughts about Eddie.  And so as i slowly release the mundane topics out of my mind, perhaps I can then put the feelings/memories of Eddie into words once again.

Writing is therapeutic…