Why create an online memorial and/or post?

You know, I think a good amount of people have a tendancy to be hesitant when they’re about to create an online memorial or make a post simply because they don’t know if this is the “best” method of immortalizing your loved one.

I even second think my posts at times simply because the memories I have feel so personal and dear to me that I wouldn’t want anyone else but Eddie and I to know about them.  And then I realize that that mentality is understandable and all, but ultimately, your memories will always be yours whether you share them with others or not.  When you do decide to share them though, I believe allows others to know your loved one (in my case, Eddie) in a different facet.  That’s just another way of ensuring he gets immortalized forever.

Don’t get me wrong, there certainly are memories I keep to myself or write a personal note to Eddie about.  However, the ones I do share, I believe in a way, can only help sustain Eddie’s existence in our world.

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