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All Notes to Eddie K Au

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Happy Birthday Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Matthew De Remer posted on Sat, 4/9/16, 2:45 PM

Happy Birthday Eddie! It's hard to believe that it's been more than 10 years. It still seems like we were partying around Boston only months ago. Since I last visited you Magda and ... read more »

Happy 38th Birthday, Eddie!

A Note to Eddie by Fleming Au posted on Tue, 4/7/15, 4:33 PM

Dear Eddie, Today would have been your 38th birthday. Whenever this day comes up, I can't help but think about what you would have accomplished by this age. Would you be married? Have k... read more »

Happy Thanksgiving, Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Fleming Au posted on Thu, 11/27/14, 5:45 PM

Hey Eddie, Today not only marks the 9th year of your passing, but it also lands on Thanksgiving. This day comes with mixed emotions as it reminds me of the last days we came to visit you... read more »

Dear Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Teddy Lee posted on Mon, 4/7/14, 9:08 PM

Happy Birthday Eddie! I can't remember us being big on Birthdays or celebrating Birthdays. I'm not sure if that was your thing, mine, or mutual. It's funny how well we rubbed off on eac... read more »

Dear Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Andrew Chen posted on Sun, 4/7/13, 12:14 PM

Dear Eddie, Happy Birthday Eddie. You are sorely missed and know that your life has had a strong impact and lasting impression on so many of us. I do often think about you and I refl... read more »
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