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All Notes to Vernon Leslie Roberts

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Dear Vernon

A Note to Vernon by David Roberts posted on Mon, 7/2/18, 8:19 PM

Dear Vernon, I didn't realize how much I missed you until I started to write this note. I miss those afternoon conversations where we talked for an hour or more on the telephone. We ta... read more »

Dear Daddy,

A Note to Vernon by Kimberly Figueroa posted on Mon, 8/4/08, 1:53 PM

Dear Daddy, This weekend was a month that you went with god. Last weekend we had a Sunday Diner and I wanted so much to call you and ask if you felt up to joining us. I miss our morning ... read more »

Dear Vern

A Note to Vernon by Dawn Zimbelman posted on Wed, 7/9/08, 11:49 AM

Dear Vern: You've been around this looney family longer than I have! God bless!! I still remember our first meeting in 1981. You were living behind Thelma's (Gramma T's) home. It was so g... read more »
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