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Hannah's Story on NVDonor.org

A Note to Hannah M Manning by Sarah Real

Hannah's story has reached NVDonor.org! Hopefully her strength may inspire those who may not have considered the benefits of organ donation for familys and patients living with illnesses. Please encourage others to be an organ donor, and consider being an organ donor if you haven't already!

Read Hanah's Story Here: http://www.nvdonor.org/index.php/category/personal-stories/

Register as an Organ Donor Here: https://www.donoregistry.org/Register/Dynamic/Enrollment.aspx?RegistryOwnerID=3&LanguageCode=en

And for those of you who need to be educated on the FACTS about organ donation or have any questions please follow this link: http://www.nvdonor.org/index.php/understanding-donations/facts/

Thank you all.

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