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Happy 38th Birthday, Eddie!

A Note to Eddie K Au by Fleming Au

Dear Eddie,

Today would have been your 38th birthday.  Whenever this day comes up, I can't help but think about what you would have accomplished by this age.  Would you be married? Have kids? Achieved your goal of living in Japan for a couple of years? And on my side, I wonder where I would be if you were still physically with us.  Would I have moved out to Boston, as you had wanted me?  If so, would I have enjoyed it? Would I have achieved as much as I have?

There's no doubt losing you has transformed our lives.  There are plenty of negative emotions we can attribute to this event.  However, one positive lesson it has taught me is that tomorrow is not a gaurantee and we must focus on being (responsibly) happy in the present.

You are forever loved. Happy birthday to you.


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  • Happy Birthday Eddie! Miss u buddy!

    Posted Wed, 4/8/15 6:32 AM by Teddy Lee

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