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April 19, 2012: A Poem For My Sister

A Journal Entry in HMMonlinememorial by Sarah Real

 Arrogantly assuming we know what is to come, but preparation is ineffectual. Prepare for powerlessness.

A force surrounds us, swallowing up everything in its time. Even universes collide. Overwhelmingly obvious as our finality may be, until the time day turns to night, you have yet to truly see.

Standing in the wake of a loss. Shadow shrouding the light of joy and peace. Such loss time cannot defeat.
Reason cannot comprehend, cannot contain the essence of this pain. No words can bandage the injustice of innocence robbed. Suffering. Life lost.

Nothing  can soften the grief of two becoming one. One slowly becoming none.

Behind tightly closed blinds, a glimmer of light still shines through. Revered love shared between two. Anguish rooted in passion. One profound moment reflects a bond so true. The very essence of life changes as a love so strongly shared was physically stripped away from you.

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