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Poetry is a way of life

A Memory of Seshendra Sharma by Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

 After Ten Years...

Father – Father’s books

Ten years passed away. But the scene of Funeral  is still fresh like a red wound in my eyes and tormenting my heart. When funeral procession moves on, some people throw coins. Some of them walking  along the procession   pick those very coins from behind. It pains me that these coin pickers assumed leadership of father’s   last rites. But in today’s society they are ruling the roost. Writing on the wall is, Not Might, Crime is right.

His literary works can broadly be divided into poetry and prose writings on poetics. He wrote in all forms – song, prose, poetry.  Five stories and a drama, one compilation of science articles (Viswa Vivechana), excepting these all his writings fall under the category of literary criticism. From Shodasi:, Secrets of the Ramayana , Swarna Hamsa to Kavisena Manifesto, Kalarekha (Essays of Comparative Literature)  reader finds a overpowering undercurrent of inquiry into origins of poetry. . This is found directly and indirectly in all his works. Even in Shodasi and Swarna Hamsa, research works on ancient Sanskrit literature, in introductory chapters he discusses about birth of poetry and related aspects of poetry.  This inquiry all pervasive like the main current of though in his  “My Note book : Arc of Blook ( Naa Diary :Raktha Rekha) “ and Kavisena Manifesto is the climax of his inquiry into poetics,one and the only work on poetics in modern literature an encyclopedia of World poetics of all times.   He concludes that poetry is unique expression feeling and wonder of meaning (Artha Chamatkara , Bhava chanatkara). He contended that poetry is not playing with words gimmicks of language . He revealed the hall mark of poetry.  He declared, feeling and literary conscious are like inhalation and exhalation to a genuine  poet. In Kavisena Manifesto, he asserted that, “Poetry is a temple. Even God needs to step into it clean.” He rejected all the age old established concepts ,theories and assertions and poets through research. He observed  that the concepts of  Vishnu his incarnation were non existant when  Valmiki was writing the  Ramayana. He also revealed that Srinadha ignored the core writing of Sriharsha’s Naishadham and translated it as Sringara Naishadha. Srinadha could not grasp the secrets of Mantra, Yoga and Vedanta sciences hidden in that Kavya .

He opined  that  in the poetic works of  of Veerasaiwa poets  there are only methods of shiavaite puja and no poetry. Commenting on Srirangam Narayanababu, he declared that his poetry is beyond literature, a tragic tale, a great civilization buried under the debris of treachery called  Telugu literature. He viewed him as a legend lurking like a tear in the eyes of a minority. He criticised the Congress politics during the unrest following the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Condemning the American War in Gulf, calling it third world war, he reproached American Imperialism. He wrote articles on Saddham Hussain –‘Support Saddam’ asking the third world countries to be on his side. He recorded all his findings of research, study and exploration without any fear. Satyavaadi Loka Satruhu.

We find Defiance as a powerful undercurrent in all his works. He declared that poetry is a way of life and not a source of livelihood.  In a metrical poem written in 1952 , he gave a call “ Daliths and  the oppressed  unfold your imagination , join your shoulders and shout in one voice.....” ( Dalitha Shraamika Jeevulaara oohaa bhujaargalamul vippina viswamoorthiai Shankhaaraavamum jeyudo Dalitha Shraamika jeevulaara Bhuvana dwaarammu bhedillagan...”) Again in 1972 , in his first prose poetry anthology “Sesha Jyotsna “ see these lines “  tearing away the iron curtains that divide the human beings wearing the veiling voices  of the oppressed people of the world as swords in his scabbard... “

His works:  Efforts have been made in the last ten years to bring his books in a systematic manner. His stories and drama were brought as one volume, Ruthughosha and Mandey suryudu were brought as a single volume to mark his first death anniversary. Later, Sahitya Kaumudi, Narudu Nakshatralu, Kala Rekha, Viswa Vivechana prose works were published. All the important works are available. With the courtesy of popular film actor Pavan Kalyan, Adhunika Mahabharatam( His complete prose poetry ), and with courtesy of film director  Trivikram Srinivasa Janavamsam are available in almost every book shop. Shodasi, Swarnahamsa which brought him recognition and  reverence  as  a rare researcher and scholar are translated into English and are available.

In today’s society literature has lost its place and significance. Literature is suffering from the eclipse ruthless commercial life.  . Authors in today’s literature are divided into various groups on lines of different oppressed and exploited sections in the society. Truck loads of beautifully printed books are flooding the market every day. The people, for whom these writers are writing don’t even know about these works.  These poets and authors don’t even have the awareness and field level study of the classes for who they are writing. They don’t even have the intention of doing it.

A person who doesn’t know standard Telugu, prosody, Telugu metrical poetry claims himself to be an ardent follower of Vishwanadha Satyanarayana. Another one is revolutionary poet. It is said that  he is favourite poet of those who are engaged in armed struggle in the forests. The ruling classes are eliminating the revolutionaries in cold blood. Putting  the intellectuals down  with an iron hand who protest against such killings. Then how is this revolutionary poet getting ruling Governments’ awards and being nominated for government posts? This is a secret.  The above mentioned Viswanatha’s admirer and this revolutionary poet are Siamese twins and courtiers of  a Razaakaar Personality who has no interest in literature.  This is another secret. In fact there is no secret at all. In today’s appalling literary scenario these chaps are unabashed and unscrupulous con men.

 2027 happens to be father’s centenary year. I   can’t imagine how the society and literature would be. My time and energy are getting wasted in unending scuffle with wicked snakes and blood thirty jackals all around.  I will not be alive to see that day. Hence I am completing my works as early as possible. I have visited all the districts in Rayalaseema, Telangana and Andhra and visited all the district libraries and distributed father’s works in 2015-16. All the important books are available today. These books are reprinted with the hope that they would be useful to researchers and people interested in literature in the future generations. My aim is to gather a minimum fund to mark his centenary and formally entrust it to a credible and responsible person or organisation.

 He yelled “I might leave. I Might not return. But you can’t escape from my memories.  In the sky of this country they shall  sing as birds, envelop you as rays.”  He was anguished that “is this the fruit of mother earth revolving around the sun so many ages? “ I now see history facing this question “

 “ I am a refugee here , fragrance of stars is calling me “saying this father took leave of this mundane earth .

Seshendra : Visionary Poet of the Millennium 



                                                                                                                             S/o Seshendra Sharma

                                                                   Kaasyas cha parameswaasah sikhandee cha Maha Rathah

                                                                                 Drushtadyumno viraatas cha  saatyakis chaaparaajitah

                                                                                                        Bhagavath Geetha : 1st Chapter : 17th Sloka




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