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Days of Mourning Part 3: Finding Time to Spending with Family and Friends

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During the early stages of mourning it may be very difficult to muster up the energy to want to get out of your home. In fact, it's hard enough just to get out of bed at times. For myself, in the beginning, I would lay in bed thinking about both how precious and insignificant life can be. During these times, it also sheds a light on how important the people around you are.

Once your bereavement days have been used, it means going back to work. This also means having less time to spend with the family and friends. Though this has always been the case even before your loved one passed away, it become a lot emptier and noticeable that you truly want more opportunities to enjoy continued experiences with those close to you. I definitely felt this way.

But how do you do find the time to spend with family and friends now? Well, it really comes down to making them a true priority. If you're similar to me, then it's easy to find excuses to not go out and see people, such as I have a lot of work to do, I'm feeling tired and don't want to leave the house, or my family/friends aren't doing anything exciting so I'll pass. Those are all cop out answers, because once you've lost a loved one, you must know how important those loved ones still around are extremely important.

Work will always be there. Give yourself a break and tell yourself you will stop working at a specific time. Then let your friends know that you will be free. If your project is extremely urgent and requires it to be done by the next day, then fine. Then give yourself a longer break the next day. But ensure you make time.

Stop being down on yourself and lazy. Today is the only day that you're going to be able to experience. Do you really want to spend it alone? If you've felt you haven't spent enough time with your friends previously, then don't. If you're feeling sleepy, then take a short nap. I'm not saying you need to stay out till the morning hours, but just take a couple of hours in the day to see your family and friends to catch up with them.

Everything is exciting. I understand each day is a struggle because of your loss. Believe me, it's a really sucky feeling. You may feel like you don't deserve to be happy. But the question is, why not? You cannot let your loved one's passing to be in vein and they wouldn't want you to be unhappy. He/she/they loved you and the greatest thing you can do for them is enjoy your time here on earth. Be responsible of course. And so if your friends are doing anything that sounds more exciting than you sitting at home sulking, then ask if you can join in. Again, be responsible.

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