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Wine glasses

A Memory of Eddie K Au by Danny Au

There is a set of two very nice wine glasses sitting safely in my dining room cabinet. Eddie bought them for me during his freshman year at Boston University for Xmas. I’ve only used them a few times as they are etched with the BU emblem made from 10k gold. I had forgotten about them the last few years until last night during the second act of Elf the musical. The scene was about the spirit of gift giving and those wine glasses suddenly came into my mind. Eddie said he didn’t know what else to get me for Xmas. I was very touched but for me it was nice to have him home and for us to catch up about his school life and things happening at home during his time away. I miss those times in catching up and I miss him. Wish he was still here. Wishing you happiness and comfort where ever you are, my little brother.

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