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A Tribute to Chunky Dog

Chunky Dog
Sue An Ligget, Chunky's Aunt
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Chunky, you were the best! Your mommy still misses you too much to bare🐕>Ahhh this is so sweet and precious just like Amiyah and Grandma.  I could just stare at her sweet ckhees all day.  My heart warms with good envy of your love and devotion to her.  I didn’t realize you were staying away so long.  Wasn’t thinking, I guess. Happy Birthday, sweet ckhees, Amiyah.  Love ya, Lelia.PaulaI see his picture every day with " sweet chunky dog" written below it. I hung it 2 months before his illness. It still breaks my heart he is not with us any more.
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Chunky was a puppy born in the wild and delivered to my sister, on her porch, by her doggy mom (?) He was self disciplined, loving, sweet and a great vermin hunter! Everyone who knew him loved him. Including an entire town, where he featured proudly in all their parades wearing any festive attire his mom came up with!
His memory is tucked away warmly in many human hearts 💖
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