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A Tribute to Chenpo McCarty

Chenpo McCarty
Aimee McCarty, Chenpo's other
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Near Springfield, MO
Reno, NV
Our handsome, gentle, and adventurous Great Dane left his fur on Saturday afternoon. Chenpo was 4 years old and succumbed to overwhelming complications associated with his congestive heart failure. Pugu Chenpo (Tibetan for Big Baby) was an amazing creature with a huge spirit, boundless energy tempered with a keen appreciation for napping on the sofa, an inquisitive nature especially regarding treats and going in the truck, and a great big Great Dane-sized love of his People. He was a snuggle-puppy and a lap-dog at home, and fiercely protective of his Maggie, his Mommy, and his Truck when on the go. Chenpo loved to Go and went with us everywhere.

On the final days of his all too brief life, Chenpo visited all the places he loved to get treats and attention - PetCo, HomeDepot, Mommy and Daddy's Office, the Human Bean Reno coffee shop, Galena Creek Park, and the San Rafael Doggie Park. Chenpo enjoyed unlimited Wendy's triple cheeseburgers and In N Out Double Doubles during the last week of his life; all the chocolate and oatmeal raisin cookies he wanted; and as many meaty raw bones and treats as he wished. He completed his puppy bucket list with Maggie, Mommy, and Daddy at his side with a final slow hike around the Thomas Meadows.

Chenpo leaves behind an immense void in the lives of Maggie, his four-legged furry sister; his Mommy and Daddy, Aimee and Steve; Melissa, Jessica, and Kayleigh, his two-legged sisters; Griffin and Kevin, his two-legged brothers; his granny Dolly; Aunt Donna and Uncle T; his cousins Jonathan and Christopher; and many, many friends who knew this majestic creature.

A bit of Chenpo's ashes are resting with Mickey the Beagle and D-10 the Persian under a comforting shade tree in the back yard. We know that Chenpo has found them in heaven and is playing with them again, right now. One day, we'll meet him again and we'll all cross the rainbow bridge together.

GoodBye Poopy you leave a silence and a vacancy that no words or tears can fill.
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