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A Tribute to Julia Louise McGinnis

Julia McGinnis
Tracy Robinson, Julia's other
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White Christmas

A Journal Entry by Tracy Robinson posted on Thu, 12/15/11, 7:57 PM

Aunt Judy's favorite time of the year, she loved the snow the beauty of the treetops glistening and the warmth she felt from her kitchen as she looked through the french doors that lead to the back yard.When I was a little girl she used to sit and talk about the snow and how she loved to look at it and behold it's beauty. Aunt Judy was a simple woman she loved God and believed there was a piece of God in every one and thats how she treated everyone like the were her family, My Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom saved my life literally there is no telling where I woold be or what I may have become without there constant love and support throughout my life. They rescued me from about every situation I can imagine at least once.I remember when I was little I used to dream that I would wake up and really be Aunt Judy's daughter and Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom would be my parents. I thought that would be the greatest thing on earth. of course  that  dream did not come true, I became very angry because I felt like everyone was better than I was because I didn't have them for parents.I became someone looking to find someone to love me the way Uncle Tom loved Aunt Judy then I could fit in to family somehow. when your young things seem to be easier than they really are in the here and now I am an adult  with the same feelings of that little child that still lives deep inside my heart or at least it used to every time I went home to Aunt Judy's house.I would get an overwelming sense of calm and ease you know the feeling of home that you just can't explain it's just a feeling of such warmth and s just seemed better when I was there.