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A Tribute to Paul Townsend

Paul Townsend
Christina Hall, Paul's Daughter
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...    I have been reading thguroh the blogs and they are amazing. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could somehow put them all together, make a book and give it to Linda xshe mentioned in the comments on our Mr. McLinky for that week.Tu daakvirdebit yvela algdii sadac bombi chamovarda, strategiulad mnishvnelovani iyo rac sheexeba zugdids da fotsfoti : bidzachemi iyo portidan 100-150 metrshi  ase tqva ukrainuli gemi idga portshio. iarags da broni teqnikas clidneno. su24-i magas urtyavda da aacilao, meore zaxodze casvla vegar moascro, chamoadges zugdidi: chemma dzmam mitxra (am sagamos chamovida rezervidan)  chventan xma dadioda, rom vigac debili tankistebi vicro quchashi shevidnen, gamanadgurebelmac magat daushva, tanki ki aafetqes, magram am deda moty*** iseti cneva aqvt, chventan rom vardeboda 200 metrshi shushasac ar tovebda, imitomac daishala saxlebi gori, dges sagamos dabombva, bidzachemi iyo dzmakacis ojaxis camosayvanad   tyvia camlis sacavs esroles da aaciles, magitomac daishala saxlebi  tan cneva aqvt seriozuli  egeni rom grajdanebs erchodnen, iq erti 300 manqana videqit gzaze da gzis maxloblad, dagvishvebdnen chven da erti srolit amogvxocavdnen yvelas  nu geshiniat, tbiliss araferi emuqreba  yovel shemtxvevashi, mshvidobian moqalaqeebs da sacxovrebel saxlebsHello,  I am working with a falimy who has six children, the youngest of whom is determined little spitfire who happens to have Down’s Syndrome.  He is 4 years old and is not a verbal communicator.  He has been receiving physical and speech therapy since birth.  He is home-schooled.  He is demonstrating great frustration at not being able to have his speech attempts understood.  I have worked with him using several augmentative communication apps on my iPad.  He is highly motivated by the communicative abilities contained in these apps.  His falimy does not have the funds to purchase an iPad for him.Do you know of any funding sources?  Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,Susan Montgomery
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