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A Tribute to Brian David Riley Jr

Brian Riley Jr
Mary Woodrow, Brian's Mother
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WRms0i  kvctqrjbekcsOWJhOP  wsxqnkvbjmmxYeah, I’d like to see some thoughts about deanlig with dogs that come running at you looking like they mean business!  Unleashed dogs will get the heart rate going quick.  I got knocked over by one last winter.  I love dogs but don’t have much patience for them when they come at me.  In the past 2 years I have been knocked down, my son got clawed on his stomach so bad it drew blood, and my own dog was nearly killed, twice, all instances by other dogs not on leashes.  Does anyone carry some sort of weapon?  I mean like a stick or something, not a sawwed off shotgun!
Bri Bri
The Greatest Son Ever You Re Gonna Be Missed
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