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A Tribute to Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer
Wendy Hall, Linda's other
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Thank you for always making my name safe coming from your lipsThank you for always making my name safe coming from your lips.I love seeing your beautiful smile : )I am so grateful I got to be in your life. You left footprints on my soul I knew Linda for a short time but am blessed to know her through her daughter Wendy. As Wendy is a warm and lovely person just like her mother. Iím a cook and miss Lindaís stuffed cabbage. It was amazing and she even shared her secret to it. I have not been able to duplicate it. <br />I know how much Wendy misses her mother. This event made me appreciate those who are in my life even if it is for a short time. I miss my friend Wendy as she moved back to Pendleton but I am glad she is closer to her family because that would have made her mother happy. I love you Wendy and miss your mom too. - Cecilia<br />
Pendleton, Oregon
Pendleton, Oregon
Linda Palmer was a loving wife, mother, daughter, and sister. She loved her family and collected friends from all walks of life. She loved to cook (and bake) for people. She loved computers and knitting. She loved being a grandmother. And most of all, she loved people.

We hope you will use this tribute site to share your memories of who she was in your life.
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Copy of letter from Kit

A Journal Entry by Wendy Hall posted on Mon, 11/23/09, 11:43 PM

Our Linda

It breaks my heart that I wasn’t able to attend Linda’s service today.  I so wanted to be there to support Bud, Chris, Wendy, as well as the extended family.  Just know that my love, heart, and spirit are with you today and always.

On Thursday night, I received a phone call that Linda had an aneurysm, and wasn’t expected to live through the night.  I immediately dropped the phone, fell to my knees sobbing, and began to pray.  I asked our heavenly Father if he would please perform a great miracle, and bring Linda back.  I paused to gather my thoughts, and said to myself, I must also pray that she recovers without any great impairment that would cause her discomfort or pain in the future.  As I was praying, I felt as if God had gently tapped my shoulder to say; Kit, Linda will be fine, she will be with me in heaven, in the comfort of my arms, your prayers need to be redirected to the family, for they will be the ones left behind grieving. I continued to pray, for God to give them strength and comfort, from this night to eternity.

I met Linda at Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District, where we were both employed, about 28 years ago.  The day we met, I knew she was special, and would be a blessing in my life.  I remember on that same day, Linda’s eyes lit up, as she spoke about her husband Bud, and her two children, Chris and Wendy.  She immediately grabbed her purse and pulled out each of their pictures.  Through the twinkle in her eyes, you could see how proud she was, and her love for them was boundless.
A few years after Linda retired from THPRD, her Son Chris, who I had known since he was 11 or 12, came to work in the Park Maintenance Department.  Chris has, and continues to be a blessing in my life.  He has always kept Linda and Bud close to me, by vigilantly updating me on the happenings in Pendleton.   
This past summer, Linda stopped by THPRD to visit with old friends, and to see her son Chris.  I was so excited to see her; it had been a couple of years.   We briefly caught up with each other, and then we both started talking about how special her son Chris was.  She had tears in her eyes, and told me what a gift he was to her.
Linda’s love for all of her friends and family was truly unconditional, a treasure, that each of us can hold close to our hearts.
There will never be enough words to describe the depth of Linda’s beauty, or the great impact she had, and will always have on my life.
Again my love and prayers go out to Chris and his family.  I pray that you find comfort in knowing that your mom’s spirit will be with you forever.  She is there to guide you through difficult times and celebrate your happiness; she is your Guardian Angel.
Thank you Bud, Chris, and Wendy, for sharing with all of us, the gift of your beautiful wife and mother.  
The light Linda brought to this world remains within us all.
 Each night when the sun goes down, look up and you will see in one of the stars, the twinkle in Linda’s eyes, shinning down upon you.

Sweet dreams Linda, I love you, and you will never be forgotten.

With greatest sympathy, compassion, and love,