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A Tribute to Carlos De Rey Montilla

Carlos Montilla
Rosie Martin, Carlos's Girlfriend
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Hola Rosie, soy la hermana de Carlos necesito hablar contigo, búscame en fb María zarzoso Montilla :)
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I miss you so much.I know you would forgive me for what I did,you knew I was hot headed but I have a good heart.I would never do what I did to you again.I was messed up & I am so sorry,I will forever have that in my heart.I wish you were still here.I just miss you so much baby,things I wish I could say to you.All that matters to me now is that you know how special you were to me and I am just so so sorry this is said to you too late.I will never forget our new year together,being with you,forever in my heart.I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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