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A Tribute to Tamron Hampton

Tamron Hampton
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Whats not to love about CK constantly renidming us that scrapbooking is a whole different kind of art. I do more looking now than being inspired by and making. And what do you know, I recently acquired a D5000 with the basic lens kit. Then found two manual Nikon lenses my mom had for her old film camera and while some say its all the photographer or the camera  but the lenses, oh the lenses. I feel like Willie Wonka making chocolate wonders. And what I would do with the Tamron lens. Let me count the ways.OMGosh! What could I do with this lense?  ha, this is only the most amazing thing I’ve heard of in a loonoog time! I have just recently (about a yr ago) started to work on my photography and I have learned alot and I know that this lense is the lense of all lenses   hehe. This lense would allow me to get the pictures of my family that I have always wnated! angled, black and whites, but not so much those things will be clear and almost perfect but that I will be able to catch them in almost any posistion and/or area that I can imagine. Not having to run and trip over my flip flops anymore to try and get closer to get really cute pictures would be nice. : ) I know it’s a long shot but winning this lense would make me the happiest person this side of the US   heheThanks for chance and I can’t say enough about CK’s magazine. I am always eagerly awaiting the next issue. So many creative people, so many instances for inspiration!dqjP5Z  vrcdhdmleutiI Corinthians 2:9;  No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has peerarpd for those who love him.   But Amy\’s eyes have seen, and her ears have heard, and she is, right now, fully experiencing the things which God has peerarpd for her, because she loved HIM!
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