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A Tribute to Justin John Jones

Justin Jones
Justin Jones, Justin's Sister
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Justin waz da best lil bro i cud eva ask 4. He waz absolutley gorgeous nd neva stopped smilin. He onli lived 4 9 months but in da time he waz here he made everyones lives so much better. he leaves behind a mummy, 2 big sisters nd a nanna nd grandad dat luv him so much. he waz takin from us suddenly. he passed away because he had heart problems, waz born 3 months early nd had got 2 dependent on his breathing machine. No matter wat he went through he just smiled through it all. he waz so special nd he will neva b forgotten. everyone he met fell in luv wiv him nd he cud wrap everyone round his lil finger. it didnt matter how bad neone waz feelin he just had 2 smile nd it wud make them feel better. nobody will ever 4get him.

Nite Nite
Sleep tite
Dont let da bed bugs bite
Sweet dreams angel

R.I.P lil man
u will b in my heart nd thoughts 4eva
i will neva 4get u sweetheart
love u more so much sweetheart
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