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A Tribute to Mudigonda Subrahmanyam

Mudigonda Subrahmanyam
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Warangal TS India
Ahmadabad Gujarat India
Prof. Mudigonda Subrahmanyam

1st March 1941 - 21st April 2017
Dr. M. Bala Tripura sundari ( wife )

Annapurna : Daughter ( Cleveland City : Ohio State : US )

Prof.M. Mallikarjun : Son ( Director : NIRMA : Gujarat )

Prof.Mudigonda Subrahmanyam , born in Warangal town of Telangana State ,

did his MA in Political Science from Osmania University and served as a professor of Political Science with Aligarh Muslim University and retired . During his life time he was the fountain of inspiration and hope to scores of pupils who were aspiring for higher education in a national level institution. He fulfilled their aspirations with his personal care and guidance and molded them into worthy citizens who are today engaged in diverse occupations and leading a purposeful life.
To us , his pupils , his exit is an irrecoverable personal loss and may take a long time to accept the fact that he is no more.
But when we recollect memories of our association with him , we feel that
he is deep within us and continues to inform our way with his illuminating personality.
May His Soul Rest in Peace .
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