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A Tribute to Sara Rose Malaker

Sara Malaker
Robert Maisano, Sara's other
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Sarah, Smer, SaraCyanide
Angels do walk this Earth. Sara Rose Malaker, a person that touched many lives, even if you only met her once. Moving through life so quickly, gaining so many friends and followers along the way, for everyone that knew her, saw her true beauty. A person of compassion. If you felt down, even just meeting her, she would make you up. The warmth inside her, coinsided with the glow around her. The people she helped, the dedication to her work. She is a Star, a bright one that would draw you in, compelling you to be close and never want to leave. Her ability to make you laugh and cry, the emotion of energy surrounded her. If she wanted something or wanted you to laugh, you had no choice but to do just that. An Angel of Compassion walked this Earth. Her short life here showed us her true intentions. Let her not go in vain, she was here to show us the true meaning of compassion and what direction our lives should go. After her passing, myself among others have woken up, life changing, do as Sara would have wanted. Live up to your goals, be compassionate, and help others. We love you Sara, you have more than achieved your goal. Thank you for being in our lives, it is an honor to know such a wonderful person as you. You not only live among us still, but in our hearts, for now, and forever. We Love You.
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How To Get Access

A Journal Entry by Robert Maisano posted on Wed, 12/9/09, 11:39 PM

First, make an account, it's free. Then click on Request For Invitation. I will accept you, or email me at foxtrotz7@aol.com 

Inform You Friends That Knew Sara About This Site!

A Journal Entry by Robert Maisano posted on Sun, 12/6/09, 5:30 AM

We need more members on this site, hense more entries. Please tell your friends about this site that knew Sara well and tell them about it.

The Goal Of This Website

A Journal Entry by Robert Maisano posted on Sun, 12/6/09, 5:28 AM

This website is designed with Sara in mind. It will go much further than that as time allows. This is the beginning site. There will be a new website that will be purchased, and have all the blog/post entries on that site. You will be able to do the same thing on the new website as you can here. The only difference is, there will be an entire section dedicated to pictures of Sara in all stages of her life. On this website, a max of 5mb is allowed. Also myself, and a few others of Sara's close friends will offer services to help anyone in need. We call it, "Speak for Sara", people you can talk to when you're down, depressed, in need of something, etc.


A Journal Entry by Robert Maisano posted on Sat, 11/21/09, 5:45 PM

Speak To Sara anyway you feel. How you feel, your relationship, how she had an impact on your life, past memories, send pictures to foxtrotz7@aol.com. This is what she would have wanted, and I'm sure her mom would love it too when she sees it. Be Yourself! Post like you are talking to her, like she has past, like she is still present, anyway you wish. Just, show your love.