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A Tribute to Melvin Stephon Cherry

Melvin Cherry
Clarence Cherry, Melvin's other
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Washington DC
Washington DC
Country/Little Melvin
Melvin Sephon Cherry (aka "country/little Melvin") was one of thirteen grand children. He graduated from Eastern Sr. High and began his life as a young responcible father to beautiful baby girl name Nyla Monet' Vereene. He was a very warm, sincere and respectful young man to many. He loved his mother, Marsha, sister, Annette, and brother, Sean. His love extended throughout his extended family as well. He had a very contagious smile and spirit about himself. Melvin had many goals and ambitions. He adspired to play football and persue college. He was always striving to do what was best for his entire family. Melvin also loved family gatherings and enjoyed getting his eat on. He was a very humble and kind.
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