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A Tribute to Gary Jones

Gary Jones
Kelley Miller, Gary's other
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Gary meant a lot to many people. He left a lasting print on our lives. It has been a year since he passed and I wanted a way to say I have not forgotten! He was my Dad. It's funny the things you connect with your parents. I connect camping and fishing, The Cowboys and The Stars, the smell of paint supplies and music. I find myself emphasizing things I did with him in my kids lives. I take the time to tell them about learning to fish from Dad as a child, walking through the woods, and the lockdown on Sundays for the Cowboy game. I teach them his songs - "The tree on the hill"; "The hole in the bottom of the sea"; and just about anything from the 70's (ofcourse especially Eric Clapton). Over the past year so many moments have reminded of Dad and I go to pick up the phone but then realize it won't be answered. Maybe this could be a way to pick up the phone to Gary. If those of us that loved him write our stories and memories about him then we can all see the glimpses other people had of him.
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