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A Tribute to Don Wellenreiter

Don Wellenreiter
Karen Nutter, Don's Sister
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He was a great guy!! I only met him from the gym but we became great friends very fast. He made it easy to want to work out. Me and my wife started talking about him and looked him up and found this. I miss him, there is no doubt we would of been friends for life. Rest in peace brotherI loooove Hipstamatic. I have a rgealur point-and-shoot 5.0 MB camera, but don’t even use it anymore  I particularly like the shots with Mimi against the red background.I can’t believe it took me that long to even get that app. The only prbleom with it is that the images are kind of low-rez, so not good for anything beyond web usage.Happy Birthday little brother<br />love Diana
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Springfield, Ohio
Newbury Park, Ca.
A wonderful and loving brother and friend. He was an excellant father to his two children, Kelsey and Vaughn and a good provider. He wrote several puslished books regarding financial advice and worked as a commodities broker in California. He left this world too soon but is in a better place. May you rest in peace.
Love, Karen
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