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A Tribute to Nickolas Varga

nickolas varga
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Ik moet eerlijk beennken, ik ben nog niet zo lang fan! Ik dacht dat het echt om niet noodzakelijke gadgets ging! Tot de Ipad in ons leven kwam, ik was onmiddellijk verslaafd! Super ding, echt ongelooflijk! Dus een Imac volgde! Ik hou niet alleen van het ongelooflijke design maar ook van de kwaliteit, oke er zit een gigantische ingenieuze marketing achter! Maar dat neem ik er met graagte bij! Super kwaliteit en oh zo mooi! dus ja hij leidde ons binnen in een nieuw tijdperk!Saluting veterans on 11/11/11I’m not sure I love the art diicteron in this ad by DDB for a Canadian heritage NGO, but I do support the sentiment. The anniversary of the armistice that ended World War One is observed in Canada by the wearing of red plastic poppies and ceremonies at war memorials across the country. The poppy symbol was adopted after Canadian soldier-physician Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae wrote the poem ”In Flanders Fields” , which used the numerous poppies growing on the disturbed soil of battlefields and graves and a key image. McCrae did not survive the war.My complaint is simply one of balance. The tiny soldiers marking tomorrow’s date are overshadowed by the poppy. I find this unfortunate, because the emphasis should be the other way around. The poppy is supposed to symbolize the very real sacrifice people like them have been willing to make. But it is only a symbol. Tomorrow’s memorial is about mourning the loss of human lives to war, and hoping for a more peaceful future.Vote:  +2Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy!!! Yes, well reembmered. I can’t reembmer the music, but the name was good.Let’s not forget the string of surf-referenced bands in the wake of The Beach Boys success   the Surfaris being the most obvious one. I seem to recall also a Surftones.Does Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr’s Electronic count?Alexander’s Ragtime Band   ha!Country GazetteArea Code 615 is interesting if oblique, because it’s the area code for Nashville and the Nashville sound is definitely a musical genre.In the old days, of course, artists often incorporated names of notable music towns in their stage names. Memphis Slim, Memphis Minnie, the Memphis Jug Band etc etcThen you get to all the bands who name themselves after titles of or lines from songs in a musical genre they admire   Lovin’ Spoonful, Rolling Stones, Pretty Things etc.  The intent is the same as referencing another artist   to advertise your own style by musical inference.Thank you Sue for your interest in my blog. I have eliamed you about the SlimKicker Fitness Tracker. I hope to hear back from you soon.Thanks again.Heidiabout Clinton? He was just about the nicest, most gerueons person I ever met. He was always willing to help with what ever my little problem was. I have been reading his newsletters and blogs for most of my adult life, and he has shared so many good ideas, and knowledge with me, that I could never begin to repay him. I have a beautiful vent figure that he made, that I will treasure,, and think of him every time I use it. Although I hardly knew the man, I will miss him and his wisdom very much, I already have a hard time not visiting his blog each day. He was the best thing that ever happened to the vent community, and he definitely left this world a better place than he found it. God Bless you Clinton, you were the best.
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