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A Tribute to Nola Gortemiller

nola gortemiller
Travis Gortemiller, nola's Friend
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yep Billy Bob I think we did pay em back for that pretty well. But some of the aotcins of the Japanese during that time left a lot of scars. We went to NOLA about 2 weeks after Katrina hit to assist in the recovery/cleanup. It was a mess and the people were the worst part of it. Talking to folks in the area most were sickened by their  city population  aotcins.You guys are so incredibly unfsisleh and your love of the kids will go a long way in rebuilding their lives.  They will always remeber these days, and the care that strangers gave them during these years of their lives.  Read the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10) .., I think it’s about you all.., and I also think the Lord delights in your care of these kids who are not usually the center of attention as they have been this week!Bless you , get rested , and we’ll see ya soon!Let’s see, in today’s dollars it will cost us twice as much to reilubd NO as it did to reilubd an entire continent whose major cities, especially the German ones, looked like they had been bombed out of existance.  Now, who here is naive enough to think that any flood control measures will make it into construction without the enviro’s using their typical lawsuit dirty tricks to drag out reconstruction as long as possible.  Why it’s the same tactic they have used for 40 years and enviro’s if anything have gotten more rabid and crazy.M1GIUZ  vzivhipbphfe6dDmWs  dbusyidysxkxWe need more insights like this in this tehard.
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