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A Tribute to Mark John Osborne

Mark Osborne
Lau Salvatore, Mark's Aunt
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love n miss you markie xxxxx
1 Person
Bushbury, Wolverhampton
Mark was a beautiful 18 year old, who enjoyed his life,
who loved his friends and family.
He always made everyone laugh and smile,
And we was tragically taken away from us.
To everyone knew him i think they'd agree, he was a lovable rogue, we'd all give anything to have him back here with us.

He deserves a GREAT send off and thats what he shall get
I speak on behalf of your friends and family I love you Mark
Rest in peace my angel xxxx <3
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Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Lau Salvatore posted on Tue, 9/6/11, 5:22 AM

6th September 2011 @ 11:18 am

Its the 3rd day without Mark, Everyone is numb, heartbroken and full of mixed emotions
The days seem too be getting harder, longer and sadder
All the thoughts possible are running through my mind,
I hope Mark didnt suffer or know he was going to die

I also hope wherever he is, thats hes the happy go freespirit chappy that we once missed,

and if you can see or hear me to know that i love you deeply and my biggest regret is that i didnt say i love you all the time

I dont know how we will get through this life without you
see you soon dude, save a seat for me

<3 Forever