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My Beautiful Wife

A Journal Entry in Mybeautifulwife by Steve Mattson

 My Darling,

It was  25 years ago today that you became my wife. You made my life complete. Your hopes and dreams became mine, your love and devotion made all things possible, you were always  focused on the things that made life better for not only us but for our children and your heart was always open to anyone that needed a caring and understanding ear.
You have been in the Hands of God since June 6, 2012. I am grateful for the time we had together. We made many wonderful memories since we met and were married. It is those memories that have sustained my sanity. We will be together again at a time God chooses, but until that day comes, your spirit surrounds me with the sweet scent of your love. You continue to reside in my heart and I in yours. True and endless love has provided a bridge between your soul and my heart. I loved you then,  I love you now, and will until time ceases to exist and we are finally reunited through the Grace of God.
Love, Me
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