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A Tribute to Lisa Mattson

Lisa Mattson
Steve Mattson, Lisa's other
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Actually your creative writing skills has encouraged me to get my own blog now. Really the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a great example of it.Just Once More<br /><br />Another birthday without you. Here is my birthday wish, another sad refrain of lost love.<br />Just once more, I would love to have you call and interrupt me at work only to hear you say "I just called to say I love you, nothing more."<br />Just once more, hearing you ask "What would you like for dinner?"<br />Just once more, having you call me with a list of what you want me to pick up from the store.<br />Just once more having you ask me to help you re-pot your plants or help with something around the house. <br />I wish that I could, just once more, see you smile or hear you laugh.<br />Just once more, to feel the love when your touch would comfort me.<br />I am saddened knowing that there will be no more hugs, no more kisses, no more special moments, no more whispers of the dreams we dared to share.<br />I’m sorry for all the times I would say "Just a minute", or "Not now" or "Can I call you right back?"<br />I am heartbroken knowing that "Just once more" can never be again in this lifetime but that "Once again" is possible through the sacrifice and love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When the time is right, God will reunite us "Just once more." I will love you forevermore, love me.Happy Birthday Lisa,<br />I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss you, just as much today as on your last birthday.<br />I don’t need a special day to remind me of what you mean to me, I am certain you can still feel the love, as I do, but time goes by so slowly without you. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about you. You will remain in my heart and on my mind until God calls me home to be reunited with you. I love you and I really miss you a lot. Love me.UtrLcj  jfjicaphrzrmThe average stanrd of Christmas lights pulls about 1 amp, which is roughly the same as a 100 watt light bulb. It’s hard to say how much it is costing you without knowing exactly how many lights you have and the exact wattage. But, most people wouldn’t leave a light on all day  . just as you probably wouldn’t want to leave your Christmas lights on all day. Hope this helps.My First New Year Without You.<br /><br />Lisa, <br />Another first has come and gone.<br />My first New Year without sharing a sweet midnight kiss with you. How sad is that?<br />I miss you every moment of every day. My heart and mind continue to hold dear our love, and cherish the unbreakable bond that we shared. I thank God and you for sharing your life with me. I know we’ll be together again, but for you, it will be like the blink of an eye, for me, it will be almost unbearable. <br />I love you, I miss you, I will keep you close to my heart forever.<br />Happy New Year!<br /> Lisa,<br />It’s almost Christmas, your very favorite time of year.<br />I remember how your eyes would sparkle as we looked at<br />all the lights as we drove throughout the neighborhoods.<br />And how beautifully you would smile when I asked you what you<br />wanted for Christmas. Although you never wanted much, I wish I<br />had given you more.<br />I miss watching you watch your favorite Christmas classics on<br />television, you always seemed to be watching them for the very first time.<br />It has been 6 months since you went from being the center of my universe to being<br />a memory of all things good locked in whatever is left of my heart.<br />People always ask me "How are you doing?" I just smile and say " I’m doing fine."<br />But there is no way to prepare for the grief associated with losing the love of your life.<br />We had a beautiful life together. You dreams were my dreams, now, no dreams at all.<br />Our two hearts beat as one, now, one sad heart just missing you.<br />I like to imagine you surrounded by billowing clouds gilded by the brilliant light of Gods love.<br />And I will, once again, be complete when we are together again.<br />Sweetheart, I close by sending all my love. I miss you very much.<br />Your devoted husband, Steve.To my beautiful wife, Lisa; Every day starts and ends without you. In between are whispers of unfulfilled dreams and the harsh reality of your passing, but you are in my thoughts constantly. I have a picture of you in the stairway and give you a kiss almost every time I pass it, and without fail, every night on my way to bed. Thanksgiving is almost here. It will be another "first" without you. You always loved the holidays and it does’t seem right that you are not here to share them with me. I know that is incredibly selfish on my part, but I can’t help it. I am thankful that you are with God and enjoying His everlasting love in the company of His angels. The only solice I have is knowing that, one day soon, I will join you in front of Gods golden throne and finally be with you forever. No one could have loved me more completely and perfectly than you, and for that, I am eternally grateful. God brought us together once, and I look forward to Him doing that once again. I love you, I miss you, I am lost without you. You remain the "Light of my life" and the "Perfect wife". Your loving husbandHappy birthday Lisa!<br />I miss you so very much.<br />Today, you are celebrating your first birthday in heaven, in the presence of God and all his angels, and surrounded by those you loved who passed before you. What a blessed reunion all of you are sharing. <br />You were, indeed, beautiful in an earthly sense,  but more importantly, your real beauty came from deep within. Your ability to display unconditional love and share your heart with me made me proud to call you "mine.<br />Sometimes, I sit on the patio late at night, under the stars and look up, pick out a glistening star, and think of you. As you were always my shining star, now, selfishly, I imagine you are still shining for only me.<br />I hope you cannot see the pain and despair I now must call my constant companion. <br />I am trying not to visit my anguish on the people that surround me with love and understanding, and they are many, but it is a struggle to suppress the raw emotion that continues to tear at my heart. <br />Your loving husband.<br />Tomorrow will be my first birthday since you were welcomed to your heavenly home. Although family and friends will be delivering best wishes and I will enjoy their company, my heart will be breaking without you at my side. I celebrate the memory of your life and enduring love more than anything. I am just not the same without you at my side. Sadness can overwhelm me just coming home knowing you will not be there to greet me with a smile and a kiss. Even going to the grocery store, or passing a favorite restaurant, or watching one of your favorite television shows can bring tears to my eyes. So many common things that no one would ever think of can bring forth strong feelings of emptiness and a personal realization that the best days of life have come and gone. The life we shared is in the past-- Time rolls on but memories last! I believe that love transcends the boundaries between heaven and earth and our love remains in each other. Goodnight my love.Lisa, We have such great children and so many thoughtful, wonderful family members and friends who are giving me support and loving care that I am amazed at their capacity for compassion. Yet, I continue to feel so alone without you it is nearly unbearable. My heart has a huge void that will never heal. I feel hopelessly lost. Memories are a poor substitute, yet I cling to visions of the love we shared. I miss you and your loving ways, I miss everything about you. My days are empty and meaningless, my nights are consumed with sorrow, knowing I could have done so much more to comfort you. You will remain in my heart and mind until the end of time. Your loving husband, Steve.
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In loving memory of my beautiful wife, Lisa Ann Mattson 9-1-61 to 6-6-12 A message from my heart to your soul. Lisa, you are the love of my life, my partner, my best friend, my loving wife. With angels wings, you have departed. I miss you so and I am brokenhearted. When I'm alone and grasping for memories, I am blessed with visions of your loving smile and the warmth of your tender touch. I know you loved me very much. You were my very own angel and made life worth living. Then God called you home to be with Him in heaven. The love we shared will carry me for the rest of my days. My tears fuel the fire of love lost and I look forward to joining you in the Kingdom of heaven. You left far to soon, I have so much love left over. Our time together was cut short, but God does not make mistakes. I trust his promise and can only imagine the joy of sharing eternity with you and praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for loving me. Your loving husband, Steve.
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Happy Birthday 2018

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Sat, 6/22/19, 4:05 AM

 Happy Birthday Lisa!

I love you and I miss you a lot. You're still the one and always will be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Love me

Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Sat, 6/22/19, 4:04 AM

I can't believe we were married 28 years ago. It was a true joy to have you become the best part of my life. I miss you so much. You remain in my heart and thoughts. I love you! Love me.

Gone for 7 years

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Thu, 6/6/19, 4:16 AM

 Lisa, today marks 7 years since you were welcomed into your Heavenly home.
 Loneliness is an ever present reminder of the devastation I have felt since that day.
Although your loss shredded my dreams of growing old together with the love of my life, you remain in my heart and in my thoughts  and I rely on the knowledge that we will be united once again in the Kingdom of the Lord.
I found a song about a visiting angel that stirs fond memories of our journey through life.

Christmas 2018

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Tue, 12/25/18, 5:19 AM

 It's your favorite time of year again Lisa! Christmas always made you very happy. I know it's extra special now for you. What we had was truly a gift from God. I am so blessed to have been a part of your life. I feel lucky to have had you choose me. Though I cannot touch you... I can feel you. Then, now, and forever. Love, me. 💔💞

Happy Birthday 2018

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Sat, 9/1/18, 4:10 PM

 Happy Birthday Lisa!

I love you and I miss you a lot. You're still the one and always will be in my thoughts and in my heart.

Love me

27th Anniversary 6.21.18

A Journal Entry by Steve Mattson posted on Fri, 6/22/18, 2:07 AM

Today is our 27th Anniversary. I miss sharing the happiness of this day with you. I remember what a beautiful bride you were and thinking how lucky I was. You remain embedded in my heart. I really miss you and will love you forever.
Love me

Dear Lisa

A Note to Lisa by Steve Mattson posted on Wed, 6/6/18, 3:48 AM

Dear Lisa,

Lisa, today marks six years since you passed on to be in your heavenly home.
You took my heart and my dreams with you
and left me with a lifetime of beautiful memories.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.
When I'm feeling down, I look up and there you are. I miss you so much and I will love you forever.
Love me