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Immortalizing the Relationship of Your Loved One

A Warm Tribute Online Memorials by Warm Tribute Online Memorials

Can you immortalize a relationship? The answer is yes. Immortality goes beyond the physical and is perpetuated by the love we have for a person. We need to understand that our loved ones continue to live through our memories, actions, and hearts.

Sharing the memories of our loved ones who have passed away is like lighting of the torch. As long as each person continues to pass along their memories, the longer they will continue to exist in our world.

One of my main motivators for wanting to immortalize my brother, Eddie, through this site is so that I have a record for of him for my future family to refer back to and get a sense of who he was. In a sense, immortalizing him piece by piece with each person who is willing to take the time to read about him and our adventures.

I believe the love Eddie and I had for each other will transcend life itself. And I hope that everyone who creates a tribute for their loved one on this site feels the same way.

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