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A Tribute to Eddie K Au

Eddie Au
Fleming Au, Eddie's Brother
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The two wine glasses you bought me from BU for Xmas from your freshman year made me very sad. I miss you. The holidays will never be the same without you. You’re never far from my thoughts. Be safe and happy where ever you are. We miss you, Eddie! You are always in our thoughts.
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Eddie Au, Eddie K. Au, Ed, Crazy Eddie, Kit Kat, Ka Kit, Eddie Spaghetti, The Main Man, Pillsbury Dough Boy (as a baby)
A rising star is the best description I have heard in association with Eddie. However, you can also add fun loving, caring, and overall a wonderful friend/son/brother. He lived his life with constant ambition and courage, never allowing an obstacle to hold him back. If he wanted something done, it would get done. If he didnt know how to accomplish his goals, he would take steps to learning how to achieve them. If a friend was in need, he would ensure that he did all he could to assist them. These samples of his characteristics is who Eddie is and will continue to be within our hearts.

I know Eddie appreciates the fact that he is constantly in our thoughts, whether it be in our memories of him as a baby, adolescent, teenager, or man. We must continue to remember him for the good/bad times, help remind us to achieve all we can in life, and appreciate what we have.
  • Happy 35th Birthday, Eddie!

    posted on Sat, 4/7/12, 12:17 AM by Fleming Au

    Today would mark Eddie's 35th birthday. Each day without you is a struggle. But thank you for looking after us and helping us continue on. We love you so much, Eddie.


    All of us

  • Six Years Ago

    posted on Sun, 11/27/11, 10:03 AM by Fleming Au

    Today is the six year anniversary of Eddie's passing.  Danny and I just noticed that this year mirrors 2005, in that November 27th also falls on a Sunday.  This day never fails to bring solemness to our lives.  Please take a moment to remember Eddie.

    Eddie - we love you, always.

Happy Birthday Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Matthew De Remer posted on Sat, 4/9/16, 2:45 PM

Happy Birthday Eddie!

It's hard to believe that it's been more than 10 years.   It still seems like we were partying around Boston only months ago.   Since I last visited you Magda and I travelled around the country and had a son.  I'm sure you would have reveled in all those events and participated even though camping and child rearing weren't your thing.   I also restarted my consultancy which I'm sure you'd have good advice on.   Any who we'll come to visit you soon.    You're still in our hearts and minds.

Your friend,


Happy 38th Birthday, Eddie!

A Note to Eddie by Fleming Au posted on Tue, 4/7/15, 4:33 PM

Dear Eddie,

Today would have been your 38th birthday.  Whenever this day comes up, I can't help but think about what you would have accomplished by this age.  Would you be married? Have kids? Achieved your goal of living in Japan for a couple of years? And on my side, I wonder where I would be if you were still physically with us.  Would I have moved out to Boston, as you had wanted me?  If so, would I have enjoyed it? Would I have achieved as much as I have?

There's no doubt losing you has transformed our lives.  There are plenty of negative emotions we can attribute to this event.  However, one positive lesson it has taught me is that tomorrow is not a gaurantee and we must focus on being (responsibly) happy in the present.

You are forever loved. Happy birthday to you.



A Journal Entry by Winnie Yam posted on Thu, 12/11/14, 3:21 PM

 Hi Eddie,

I'm not sure what to say here except I hope and pray that you're in a happy and comforting place where ever you are now. Although you are no longer here physically, spritually, the life and memories you had with your loved ones still live on. I think the only memories I had with you are shown in my baby pictures; when i turned one month and one year old. Honestly, these are moments where people start to fear for the "unknown". I hope that in your journey you were fearless, courageous, and surrounded yourself with family and loved ones. 




Happy Thanksgiving, Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Fleming Au posted on Thu, 11/27/14, 5:45 PM

Hey Eddie,

Today not only marks the 9th year of your passing, but it also lands on Thanksgiving.  This day comes with mixed emotions as it reminds me of the last days we came to visit you in the hospital, which still isn't easy to think about. However, it being Thanksgiving, it also makes me thankful for having you as my brother and been in my life - no matter how short.  Mom tells me she sent you some offerings at the temple today.  I hope you are enjoying them.  We all miss you greatly here.

Love always,


Dear Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Teddy Lee posted on Mon, 4/7/14, 9:08 PM

Happy Birthday Eddie!

I can't remember us being big on Birthdays or celebrating Birthdays.  I'm not sure if that was your thing, mine, or mutual.  It's funny how well we rubbed off on each other though.  I really miss the random times we had and I'm so lucky to have had you been my co-conspirator!  You were probably one of the best influences on my life.    

I often think about what you would be doing right now.  You had such excellent business accumen and I think that i can say with some certaintity now, that it was beyond our years at the time.  I know you would have done so well and I really miss the times we "talked shop".

I miss you Eddie and, I wish you a very Happy 37th Birthday! 



Wine glasses

A Memory of Eddie by Danny Au posted on Wed, 11/27/13, 7:06 PM

There is a set of two very nice wine glasses sitting safely in my dining room cabinet. Eddie bought them for me during his freshman year at Boston University for Xmas. I’ve only used them a few times as they are etched with the BU emblem made from 10k gold. I had forgotten about them the last few years until last night during the second act of Elf the musical. The scene was about the spirit of gift giving and those wine glasses suddenly came into my mind. Eddie said he didn’t know what else to get me for Xmas. I was very touched but for me it was nice to have him home and for us to catch up about his school life and things happening at home during his time away. I miss those times in catching up and I miss him. Wish he was still here. Wishing you happiness and comfort where ever you are, my little brother.

Dear Eddie

A Note to Eddie by Andrew Chen posted on Sun, 4/7/13, 12:14 PM

Dear Eddie,

Happy Birthday Eddie.  

You are sorely missed and know that your life has had a strong impact and lasting impression on so many of us.  I do often think about you and I reflect on the joy that you gave to so many people.  

I will always remember the friendship that you gave and the highlights that I think of when you come to mind

- your dedication and love you had to your brothers  - that especially came out before we went skydiving!  Skydiving is probably one of the most memorable things that I have ever done, and it was so great to have done it with you.  Remember the feeling that we had when we all went to lunch together afterwards.  We said to ourselves "gosh, we feel like we could do anything now! what's to be scared of?".  That moment continues to be a source of inspiration whenever i need a push.

- coming to Toronto to hang out at the cabin with my other canadian buds.  You were such a hit and everybody loved you, quirks and all.  Especially your fear of bears coming to get  you in the middle of the night.  You are missed internationally dude.

Rest in peace my friend

Thinking about you