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My lifetime friend, Nealann

A Memory of nealann j skari by Georgia Ross

Nealann and I became close friends as soon as she showed up at Grantsdale School. We played pretend horses together and I went to her farm and we petted the lambs together. We went to each other's houses all through growing up in the Hamilton area. She and her mother and sister eventually moved one road away from myself and family so we could go through the field and cross the canal and see each other most any time we wanted to. (Sometimes even in the night as it was so much fun to think we were sneaking!) In highschool we remained friends and told our deepest secrets to each other. We partied and just enjoyed the friendship and living in such a great home town. I loved her mother as she was so kind and open with me. Listened to me and just accepted me.

When we each graduated high school we went different ways but off and on kept in touch. Eventually we both ended up in Seattle and reconnected and remained friends. Nealann had many dogs while I knew her in Seattle. First she had a beautiful german shepard that would nod her head from side to side as Nealann spoke to her as if totally understanding every work Nealann spoke to her. Then Nealann became an owner of many Greyhounds and worked rescuing the greyhounds.

When I had personal problems, Nealann always was there for me and listened to it all and offered me her home for safety. She was my beautiful friend and I am honored and blessed she was my friend.

My only regret is losing her way way too soon.

I love you, Nealann. I miss you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  • Here it is again - your birthday and you are partying with the angels I imagine. Love you and miss you. Happy Birthday always. Love, Georgia

    Posted Wed, 6/25/14 4:31 PM by Georgia Ross

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