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A Tribute to Nealann J Skari

nealann skari
keri skari, nealann's Sister
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Love all my memories of Nealann and her thoughtfulness always. Love you Neal!Kev I posted a quoitsen on the 16th of this month and I thought it funny when there was to answer and found out why. One must login but alas I cannot find how to register and I so much like your web site to be thee the best.So can you tell how to registerMr R McGregorHi Kev,  I am amazed at the water drops that you take,in fact I have your web site in my firavotes just to help me. I purchased a stop shop and have been practising water I am getting results.But want to go a step up are there any tips you can offer to improve my water drops,I know there are dozens and dozens but even a couple of tips & hint would be great please bear in mind I only have one stop shop. R McGregor .PS please keep up your web site as a great many of are following itBoston Jenn - My heart be still   gorgeous phtoos, as always, but some of these are really something special, Joey thanks for sharing your talent with the world, makes me happy  =)I knew Nealann in Denver, around 1972, there abouts.  I just did a google on her, and found she is gone.  I am so sorry for your loss, Keri.  When I knew her, no one knew where you were.  Your mom had made a dress for you, but sent it to Nealann in Denver.  She gave it to me.  A bit later I drove with her to Montana, visited folks, towns, and then I flew back to Denver.  That was the last I ever saw her, but have thought of her often, and wondered too, if she’d ever found you.  She did, and that makes me happy.  She is gone too soon.  :-(  I will let another mutual friend know about Nealann.   Bless you.  HUGS, DedeNealann was my friend from childhood where we metg at Grantsdale school. We stayed friends into adult days in Seattle. I miss her & wish people in Hamilton had been included in her passing. She was  very well known in Hamilton and made many trips back including a couple with me. I will miss her forever but am so glad I had her in my life.
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great falls Montana
elko, nevada
She was a beautiful woman, only 59. She was loved by and married to Jim Sullivan and more friends than I could list. She is survived by her sister Keri Sue Skari. She loved dogs, and rescued Grayhounds and if her sister were more computer savy there would be a photo of her
  • 5 years ago today

    posted on Fri, 10/21/16, 6:09 PM by Georgia Ross

     Nealann was one of my best friends growing up and most of my adult life. It was 5 years ago today she passed. I have such wonderful memories of her. Love you Neal!


My lifetime friend, Nealann

A Memory of nealann by Georgia Ross posted on Tue, 6/25/13, 1:25 PM

Nealann and I became close friends as soon as she showed up at Grantsdale School. We played pretend horses together and I went to her farm and we petted the lambs together. We went to each other's houses all through growing up in the Hamilton area. She and her mother and sister eventually moved one road away from myself and family so we could go through the field and cross the canal and see each other most any time we wanted to. (Sometimes even in the night as it was so much fun to think we were sneaking!) In highschool we remained friends and told our deepest secrets to each other. We partied and just enjoyed the friendship and living in such a great home town. I loved her mother as she was so kind and open with me. Listened to me and just accepted me.

When we each graduated high school we went different ways but off and on kept in touch. Eventually we both ended up in Seattle and reconnected and remained friends. Nealann had many dogs while I knew her in Seattle. First she had a beautiful german shepard that would nod her head from side to side as Nealann spoke to her as if totally understanding every work Nealann spoke to her. Then Nealann became an owner of many Greyhounds and worked rescuing the greyhounds.

When I had personal problems, Nealann always was there for me and listened to it all and offered me her home for safety. She was my beautiful friend and I am honored and blessed she was my friend.

My only regret is losing her way way too soon.

I love you, Nealann. I miss you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dear nealann

A Note to nealann by keri skari posted on Sun, 1/8/12, 10:26 PM

Dear nealann,  Well Zander is with you now. He died friday afternoon, the vet thinks he had a heart attack. Take care of him please. I miss you both more than I can ever say. I'm doing good though, going to AA again, have a sponser, he reminds me of j. I know I should have done it long ago, I'm there now. I love you sis. keri


Dear nealann

A Note to nealann by keri skari posted on Mon, 1/2/12, 12:31 PM

Dear nealann,

    Hi dearest. I miss you so much!!! It's getting less like a festering wound and more like a hole in my heart. A couple of your friends asked to be able to write on the site. I'm so glad, I wanted this to be more than just my own private grief journal. J, and are are talking more, things seem to be better in that arena. That is a big relief. I didn't like being at odds with him

                                              Ilove you, keri


two month anniversary of your death

A Journal Entry by keri skari posted on Fri, 12/16/11, 3:34 PM

my dearest sister, i know now through sue that you are with me, and that you are happy. I miss you so very much. i'm doing okay, i'm doing good with my meds. there are just some things that bring me sadness. life is a never ending ride until it's over. i will love you always

Dear nealann

A Note to nealann by keri skari posted on Fri, 11/25/11, 10:17 AM

Dear nealann, Thanksgiving was surprisingly nice, I had forgotten how many friends I have. Thank you for talking to my friend, it gave my great solice. I'm happy that you are with mom, and gram and ramm. And that is such a beautiful place. Now i just need for J to heal some, cause he really hurt me by not believing me. The bottom line though is that I am taking care of myself, I created alot of wreckage for you and M, and I guess by extension with J. I care that I never go back to those places. That I live my life in a fashion for which I can be proud; that I live the remainder of my life based on spiritual principles and that maybe then I can again gain the trust of M, and the respect of J. that is what I care about. I love you so much, and I will miss you everyday for the rest of my life.


Dear nealann

A Note to nealann by keri skari posted on Sun, 11/13/11, 10:59 PM

Dear nealann, So much of the time I just can't believe your gone! It's been three weeks already, three very slow tortorted weeks. Some days are good, those are the days I only cry once or twice, others I can't seem to stop. I've finally been able to separate out the sadness I feel because of M's anger, and the betrayal I felt because of D. so Now When I cry I at least know why. I've been going to meetings, well to be honest three, but I'm going to keep going to the NA meeting and I think I'll try the eight pm AA meeting. I need a sponser and some guys at the last meeting said I could find on at the AA Meeting. I'm writting a fourth step. I am so sorry that I kikn't do this so that you would know I'm doing better. I guess when the shit hits the fan like it has for me, it really hits. I love you and miss you so much. J said he was sure you got my last message, so the last words you heard my say was that I loved you more than anything.


How much I miss you

A Journal Entry by keri skari posted on Wed, 11/9/11, 8:33 PM

I'm tring very hard to make some changes deal with my addiction and my need to take pain medication. It's hard I've been calling all these treatment centers  that work with addicts who have chronic pain. I fucked up so bad for so many years. I lost everything i every learned  in NA and AA. I did horrible things and I treated M in ways you don't treat your beloved. I wish you  were here to bounce some of this stuff off of. I'm going to meetings, working the steps, doing my practice, exercising, writing and I'm questioning everything. But Like my pain is horrid right now and I'm not due for my next pill for awhile, I don't know if I should ask for something for breakthrough or not, I don't know if the pain when I breath is pulmonary fibrosis or compression fracture in my T-spine. Ane I don't know if it's even okay to think or wonder about this stuff. M is so angry with me and doesn't trust me so I can't talk to her. God I miss talking to you. I miss knowing that you were a phone call away. I love you so much.