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Happy Birthday Mommy

A Journal Entry in Mybeautifulwife by Steve Mattson

Happy  Birthday Mommy I sure do miss you! You are the best mommy I ever had, all my friends wanted you to be their mom too!. Daddy's pretty nice to me but you were always my favorite. I loved going bye bye car with you. I miss that a lot. You're more fun than Daddy is but he tries. I loved going with you on walks and to the park and all that other fun stuff. You always hugged on me and snuggled all the time. Wish you would do it again! None of my friends could believe how lucky I am. Daddy crys a lot, I wonder why? He never talks to me much about you anymore but he always kisses your picture every night. Sometimes I look around and wonder where you are. It almost seems like you're here but I just can't find you. Sometimes I get scared that I will not ever find you. I won't give up on you, don't give up on me, I'll keep on looking. You always told me I was the very best dog in the world of dogs. You are the very best Mommy in the whole world of Mommies. Your loving dog, Tyke Eric Mattson

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