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To Verne From Larry Heal

A Memory of Vernon Leslie Roberts by Larry Heal


I have only known you for about 1 1/2 years, since early 2006. We had such good times in the Exercise Room at the Clubhouse. You called us the 8401 Club.

You made the time at the Exercise Room go so much faster as we exercised. You don't know how many people I told how much I admired you for going to the Exercise Room on your scooter with your oxygen tank. When you went ,which was almost everyday, you didn't stay for just 5 min., you stayed for 45-60 min. You didn't go fast but you just kept going and going and going. Well buddy those times have ended. 

When I gave you my Email address, I didn't know what was in store for me. Everyday you sent me 10-12 Emails of many things. I was amused by many, thought some were goofy (especially those regarding senior citizens), some were entertaining and on and on. I couldn't  wait to see what each new batch of Emails would bring.

Well buddy, I will meet you again someday .

Larry Heal 





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