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A Tribute to Vernon Leslie Roberts

Vernon Roberts
Kimberly Figueroa, Vernon's other
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Redwood Falls, Minn.
Tucson AZ
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  • Celebration of Life

    posted on Thu, 7/17/08, 3:37 PM by Dawn Zimbelman

    Kimmie and Dani, Vern's daughters, have scheduled a celebration of Vern's life at El Parador Restaurant, 2744 E. Broadway Road, Tucson on Sunday, July 20, 2008 at 5:00 pm. They are asking that everyone wear yellow in honor of their father. Thank you.


Dear Vernon

A Note to Vernon by David Roberts posted on Mon, 7/2/18, 8:19 PM

Dear Vernon,
I didn't realize how much I missed you until I started to write this note.  I miss those afternoon conversations where we talked for an hour or more on the telephone.  We talked about everything under the sun and about our computers.  If I had been having a problem, chances were pretty good that you had a similar problem and could give me a hint or two based on your personal experience.  It was also a great joy for me to be able to sit around the table or the living room and talk with you and our sisters about so many wonderful memories growing up.  I am thankful that I had the opportunity to visit with you so much after the years had rolled by with little contact.  I know you are educating some of your heavenly neighbors about your many practical experiences as a listener across the bar, etc.  Please save a place for me in case I am fortunate to come your direction one of these days.   You are missed, but your were dearly loved and love never dies.

Brother Dave

Dear Daddy,

A Note to Vernon by Kimberly Figueroa posted on Mon, 8/4/08, 1:53 PM


Dear Daddy,

This weekend was a month that you went with god.  Last weekend we had a Sunday Diner and I wanted so much to call you and ask if you felt up to joining us. I miss our morning check-ins and our daily talks.  The whole in my heart seems to be growing.  I feel so empty and lonely without you.  It seems strange and talk to momma more than you.  I have your voice on a video clip and I can hear you say you love me.  I am so grateful that I have that.  I will always be able to hear your positive sweet tone you had in that beautiful voice of yours!  If love could of saved you...you would be here with me right now!  Your Sunshine 


A Memory of Vernon by Tiffany Kohler posted on Sun, 7/13/08, 9:23 PM

Vernon was my grandfather in law and the great grandfather to my daughter.  Although I haven't known him long, I do remember how happy he always was and how his face lit up when ever he saw his great granddaughter Hailey.  For instance I took Hailey to see him in the hospital and his face lit up, he was so happy to see her, it made his day.  I will miss him dearly, and I just wish that Hailey could have gotten to know him, but her father and I will share many memories of him, so she will know that he was the kindest, happiest, and an all around wonderful man, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.

Vern Roberts

A Memory of Vernon by Lauri Martin posted on Sun, 7/13/08, 1:10 PM

I am one of Vern's daughter's (Kim) girlfriends and was about 13 when I met her dad.  My memories of him had everything to do with what a good father he was, I really looked up to him.  You could not be around him and be in a bad mood because he just always made you laugh and spread happiness.  Even though he is not here anymore, I will always be thankful to have known him and will always remember his nice smile and warm eyes that showed the love and peacefulness he had.  Lauri Martin

Cousin Putzer

A Memory of Vernon by Marshall Madsen posted on Thu, 7/10/08, 7:52 AM

His Mom and my Mom were sisters.  My Mom was the oldest child in her family and his Mom was the youngest.  The two families lived

48 miles apart but were next door to each other in love and concerns for each other.  My Mom would always announce the news whenever

a Roberts child was born so I knew I had a boy cousin right away.  We visited there a lot and at times Putz shared his bed with me and I don't

recall that he ever hogged the blankets.  Of course there were thirteen years difference in our ages.  Grandpa Nelso lived with them for awhile

and couldn't handle say Putzer so he wound up being Poster.  WWII interuppted our relationship but Dave and Putz came to see me in my senior

year at the U with Putz bringing me one of those giant comic cigars.  But that time I had been around and considered myself cool so I was

probably less that gracious in accepting but Putz smiled on.  These last years have been precious.  Whenever there were a couple of days

without hearing from him, I would contact Dave and he would advise the reason.  Called him a couple of times at the VA Medical Center which

surprised and touched him but then I hadn't blown any smoke his way about how much I appreciated his emails in my life.  Heaven is richer, we

are poorer.  Shalom Putz.

Love you brother Vern

A Memory of Vernon by Anne Vaagen posted on Wed, 7/9/08, 8:31 PM


Vern is my younger brother.  He was 4 years younger than I.  Vern and I were great pals growing up.  In fact I went fishing and hiking with him as children will.  We lived near a very nice park in Redwood Falls, MN.  Redwood Falls is where we were born and raised.  We were confirmed in the Norwegian Lutheran Church in Redwood.  It is also where we went to school.  We lived in an apartment above Grandpa Roberts grocery store in the middle of town, so it wasn't far to church or school.  Vern was only a week old when our father was killed in an auto accident.  Our family moved to Tucson, AZ in 1952 for mother's health.  Vern was in the Navy for a number of years, but returned to Tucson.  He got to know a lot of people and he loved to visit with them.  He was a wonderful, cheerful, full of love and life guy  We will miss him dearly.

To Verne From Larry Heal

A Memory of Vernon by Larry Heal posted on Wed, 7/9/08, 8:02 PM


I have only known you for about 1 1/2 years, since early 2006. We had such good times in the Exercise Room at the Clubhouse. You called us the 8401 Club.

You made the time at the Exercise Room go so much faster as we exercised. You don't know how many people I told how much I admired you for going to the Exercise Room on your scooter with your oxygen tank. When you went ,which was almost everyday, you didn't stay for just 5 min., you stayed for 45-60 min. You didn't go fast but you just kept going and going and going. Well buddy those times have ended. 

When I gave you my Email address, I didn't know what was in store for me. Everyday you sent me 10-12 Emails of many things. I was amused by many, thought some were goofy (especially those regarding senior citizens), some were entertaining and on and on. I couldn't  wait to see what each new batch of Emails would bring.

Well buddy, I will meet you again someday .

Larry Heal