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Cousin Putzer

A Memory of Vernon Leslie Roberts by Marshall Madsen

His Mom and my Mom were sisters.  My Mom was the oldest child in her family and his Mom was the youngest.  The two families lived

48 miles apart but were next door to each other in love and concerns for each other.  My Mom would always announce the news whenever

a Roberts child was born so I knew I had a boy cousin right away.  We visited there a lot and at times Putz shared his bed with me and I don't

recall that he ever hogged the blankets.  Of course there were thirteen years difference in our ages.  Grandpa Nelso lived with them for awhile

and couldn't handle say Putzer so he wound up being Poster.  WWII interuppted our relationship but Dave and Putz came to see me in my senior

year at the U with Putz bringing me one of those giant comic cigars.  But that time I had been around and considered myself cool so I was

probably less that gracious in accepting but Putz smiled on.  These last years have been precious.  Whenever there were a couple of days

without hearing from him, I would contact Dave and he would advise the reason.  Called him a couple of times at the VA Medical Center which

surprised and touched him but then I hadn't blown any smoke his way about how much I appreciated his emails in my life.  Heaven is richer, we

are poorer.  Shalom Putz.

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