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A Tribute to Carol Villard

Carol Villard
Debora Caldwell, Carol's Daughter
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I miss you everyday, especially on your birthday!  Love you always, your daughter!I think of you every day and I still want to pick up the phone to call you.Remembering Carol.You are missed!I think of Carol often.  I Ttll stories of her deciding to take off in an RV and the travel logs she wrote!  I still miss her joy and enthusiam!I love and miss you Mom!!!Thinking of you a lot lately.  Miss you so much!Love you sis and miss You more and more.to him that day.  And when he discovers that this Christmas he is the butt of his nepehw’s rather unchristian Christmas game/joke, I feel Scrooge’s pain.  So we are well prepared for his completely believable and indeed inevitable final transformation when he sees his tombstone.  Caine is so good in fact, that I don’t even begrudge him his appropriation of Tiny Tim’s immortal final line.  He surely deserves that much of a plum, especially after spending the film acting with a bunch of Muppets, which cannot have been the easiest assignment of his career.  A wonderful portrayal from every aspect.I mentioned  Love Is Gone  as a touching representation of Scrooge’s state of mind.  But the fact is that each of the half-dozen or so songs in the movie sets an atmosphere and a mood, and each adds something to the film that would not be there if the song were omitted.The Muppet Christmas Carol can, of course, be seen merely as an introduction to Charles Dickens’ famous story (and Gonzo does in fact advise the audience to read the book if they enjoyed the movie).  But I think the film also stands magnificently by itself as a wonderful retelling of this particular Christmas tale.  Either way, it’s a Christmas film that is not to be missed, by young or old.  5 stars?  7 or 8 at the very least!Charles Dickens’ classic tale  A Christmas Carol  has plroabby been adapted for stage, screen, and TV more than any other story in the history of literature. Many have been really great   the Mr. Magoo animated version, Patrick Stewart’s one-man stage show, the George C. Scott version, etc. But one of the best is definitely  The Muppet Christmas Carol,  directed with heart and intelligence by Brian Henson. This version is particularly noteworthy because it combines two beloved pop-culture icons: Dickens’ story and the Jim Henson Muppets.It’s been a long time since I read Dickens’ original text, but from what I remember, the MCC is quite faithful to Dickens. Like the other Muppet films, MCC combines human actors with the whimsical Muppet characters (just in case you don’t know what a Muppet is, it’s a sort of puppet). The great Michael Caine plays Scrooge, and the Muppets play other Dickens characters: Kermit the Frog is Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy is Mrs. Cratchit, etc.One clever touch is having Charles Dickens (portrayed by Muppet Gonzo the Great) appear as a narrator in the film. Gonzo/Dickens is accompanied by Rizzo the Rat, and the two have some great comic banter and slapstick humor. This device nicely complements the main story without distracting from it. The film is enhanced by some lovely songs; my favorite is the one sung by the Ghost of Christmas Present.Dickens’ original  Carol  is, at its core, a compassionate and life-affirming story, and the Muppet version is right on target in preserving the soul of the tale. There are some genuinely sweet and moving touches (such as one Muppets’ gift to Scrooge) that combine well with the trademark Muppet humor. Add to this good special effects, fine performances (both human and Muppet), and impressive sets and costumes, and you have a true classic: a film for every member of the family. In  The Muppet Christmas Carol,  Brian Henson and his Muppets prove that, with imagination and skill, new life can be breathed into a favorite old story.Hi Susan, there are not all that many houses on Chalk Lake, I’m aiarfd I have no idea of numbers but it isn’t a very long road and other than Chalk Lake Road I think there are only a handful of other properties that are on the lake. Houses come up once in awhile and most are in the $700,000 and up range if you want one right on the lake. Those on the other side of Chalk Lake Road are a bit less expensive and most have access to the beach lot for swimming and boating. If you purchase there, make sure that you have access to the lake because not every property in that area does, only the ones that belong to their association. I do know someone who may be selling in future and will email you privately if you are interested.I’ll always remember Carol’s laugh - especially at Thanksgiving!  They say that laughter "springs from our emotional core and helps us feel better, see things more clearly, and creatively weigh and use our options" and I often think back to those Thanksgivings when I need a bit of that in my life.

Carol was a warm, passionate, fun loving, enthusiastic, giving, mother, daughter, sister, godmother and friend. She was my best friend. She would give you the shirt off her back and hated to ask for anything. She loved her family, her second family and of course all of her friends.
  • Carol's kindness

    posted on Sun, 4/8/12, 8:50 PM by Lynn Hunsaker

    Carol was a blessing to our family when things could not seem to get any worse.  Carol shared a room with my dear sister Kathi while she was in a coma at a care center in 2007.  We immediately hit it off with Carol and loved her positive outlook on things. She would greet us daily with such kindness and positive comments.  We became great friends with Carol and grew to love her like family.  I'm sure my sister appreciated and loved Carol as well.  On many days we would walk in to the room and would find Carol reading to Kathi, even though we never knew if she could hear her.  We always felt up lifted from our daily visits during those dark months of our lives.  I know we will always have a special place in our hearts for Carol.  God bless you Carol. 

  • Memories

    posted on Sat, 4/7/12, 1:13 PM by Ron and Elaine Lougheed

    My parents are Ron and Elaine Lougheed. They wlould like to say they are sorry to hear of Carol's passing. They met Carol at Rock Shadows Trailer Park.

    When Carol first went to the hospital they "temporarily" looked after her dog Angel. When it became apparent that Carol would not be able to look after Angel they adopted her.

    She now lives with them in Brandon MB and sits behind dads chair.


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My Memories of Carol

A Memory of Carol by Beth Uitz posted on Fri, 4/13/12, 5:49 PM

Carol and I meet in the late 1980’s at IBM in Kingston, NY.    We immediately became friends and started a Walking Club of employees who decided to walk during lunch time.  We both had a dream of someday moving from upper state NY to the Washington DC area.   We also discovered we were the same age and that we each had a daughter named “Deb”.  In less than 3 years we both were living in Maryland, where I had the opportunity to attend Carol’s Deb’s wedding in a cute little church on Maryland’s Eastern shore.  Carol worked for IBM’s Air Traffic Control System for a few years and then worked at AOL.  We stayed in touch all these years mostly though her wonderful emails describing all her many exciting adventures, new friends, many good times and some not so good times.  I will never forget those emails because of how amazing it was that no matter how difficult her situations became, Carol could always see the positive aspects of it.   Everywhere she went, she met truly giving people because she was always so giving herself.    I will always miss Carol, but I will never forget her remarkable outlook on life. 
Carol will always have a special place in my heart.

Sewing was our common thread

A Memory of Carol by Kim Quinn posted on Wed, 4/11/12, 10:44 PM

I met Carol before she left Virginia in her RV.  She came in to the store where I work and purchased a sewing machine from me.  Our friendship was born. Her love of creating things and sewing were our common threads. Quilting was a big part of that. I know that for a long time she gave up sewing on a machine to start her Dear Jane Quilt by hand but I don't know if she ever finished it. I remember when she finally got her machines delivered to Mesa. She was full of enthusiam for sewing again and talked about church projects. It was such a joy to hear her plans.  I will miss her!

We remember Carol's laughter

A Memory of Carol by TONI VILLARD posted on Wed, 4/11/12, 2:11 PM

What we remember most about Carol is her laughter - especially at Thanksgiving.  They say that  "the sound of roaring laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness..." and that was certainly true of Carol.  We'll miss not only her infectious laughter, but also her caring ways.

Bruce Sr., Toni, Elizabeth, and Bruce Jr.


Memories of Carol by Jan Manos

A Memory of Carol by Jan Manos posted on Tue, 4/10/12, 9:20 AM

 I met Carol at IBM sometime in the mid-80's....  I don't remember how or when but one day we were friends going out to lunch and such.  We worked in the same building in Kingston, NY.   One memory that stands out vividly was the May my dog bit me and I was hospitized for several days.  The bite was on the top of my right hand and by morning it was so swollen that you could not see the fingers.. it just looked like a big club.   The hospital immobilized it in an upright position.  In their infinite wisdom, they inserted the IV line at the bending point of my left arm,,,  one arm up and one out flat and they delivered lunch and left.   Along came Carol to feed me and wash my hair until the IV was removed.   I spent my 35th birthday in the hospital and will always remember how Carol made it bearable.    I also remember the lunch (at the restaurant that gave out popcorn... can't remember the name)  when I got on her case about smoking.   I had just quit and knew it was hard but could be done.  Carol was talking about Deb and how much meaning she brought to her life.   I blurted out that I didn't understand how she could say she loved her so much but continues to smoke knowing it would ultimately result in Deb's being without her.   That is something you can only say to a very good friend!   She was mad... and it ended our lunch in silence.  She called me the next day, though,  to say she thought about it and had smoked her last cigarette.  For years she told me that I saved her life.  I don't know if that was true but it created an unbreakable bond between us.   I haven't seen Carol since the early 2000's when she visited me at a friend's house in Virginia.  i am so glad she got to meet my son that day ....  we corresponded by email and gettting her notes was always a bright spot in my day.   Rest in peace with the Lord, Carol. You are sorely missed.  jan





A Memory of Carol by Lynn Strachan posted on Sat, 4/7/12, 9:16 PM

 I new Carol for several years and first met her through Newcomer's Club. We played cards together for a while and then formed a stitch and bitch group! We really had a lot of fun and I am not sure how much stitching actually ever got done but it was so much fun getting together. Carol also came and styed with us for a while and then moved on to someplace else. We kept in touch through emails over the past few years. I will never foget all the good tmes we had togther. She will be greatly missed. And I will see her again someday!      Lynn Strachan


A Memory of Carol by Nancy Fuegel posted on Sat, 4/7/12, 8:23 PM

  • I don't remember exactly when I met Carol, but it was sometime back in the early 1980's in the good old IBM days. I came to know her as a very dear friend. She was a very unique person. She was generous, kind hearted and a very good listener! You couldn't mistake her laugh for anyone else's. Although I haven't seen her in many years, the memories of her are very vivid. Carol, my friend, rest in peace -you are loved by many and you will always be remembered.


A Memory of Carol by Ellen Anderson posted on Fri, 4/6/12, 6:48 PM

 I first met Carol at a campout, probably in mid-2000, in Virginia, along with another friend, Barbara.  The three of us kept in touch and met up at campgrounds in various places for many years after.  One Spring Carol and I caravaned back East from Texas, stopping to explore a new place here and there.  Carol was always happy, laughing, giggling.  We really enjoyed each other's company.  She was a delightful person.  I'm so happy I had the opportunity of knowing her.