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A Tribute to Dave Bundesen

Dave Bundesen
Lyndal Bundesen, Dave's Daughter
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about my dad

A Memory of Dave by Lyndal Bundesen posted on Mon, 8/15/11, 10:28 PM

My dad was a typical aussie bloke, loved a cold beer on a hot day, surrounded by his family and friends. loved cooking on his BBQ, took pride in his landcruiser ute, spent his holidays out in his boat fishing with his brother and nephew and always had time for his family. he was such a family man. he loved his 5 grand children. he adored his 4 grand daughters and his grand son was his little dude. but the apple of his eye was definatly my mum. the year he passed, they celebrated there 30th wedding anniversary. nothing that my mum wanted was ever to much for my dad. he was happy as long as hse was happy. he was my knight in shining armor and i will never forget him xoxoxolove you daddy