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A Tribute to Christopher R Ameen

Christopher Ameen
Tricia Watson, Christopher's Girlfriend
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Fall River, Massachusetts
Fall River, Massachusetts
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Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Mon, 10/5/09, 4:08 AM

Dear Christopher,
If you can.....walk with me today. It truly will mean so much. Love Mom

Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Tricia Watson posted on Wed, 9/9/09, 6:57 AM

Dear Christopher,

You are with me everyday,
I feel you with every breath,
Your thought is with me,
With every decision I make.

You have been with me until now,
And it is hard to face,
That you are really gone,
And I will never see you again.

Your hands, your touch, your smile,
Are things I will never forget,
All the love you shared with me,
And all the tears and pain you made go away.

In our short time together,
All the memories we had,
Will last in my heart,
Those memories I will never forget.

Although you have left,
Now you walk above,
You are always with me,
I'm always surrounded by your love.

Now you don't have to worry,
For your love will be passed on,
‘Cause even though you left me,
You are Always in my Heart.

Author Unknown

I Love You Chris.. Always..

Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Fri, 9/4/09, 6:30 AM

Dear Christopher,


As long as I can dream,
As long as I can think,
As long I have memory...
I will love you

As long as I have eyes to see
and ears to hear
and lips to speak...
I will love you.

As long as I have a heart to feel,
a soul stirring with in,
An imagination to hold you...
I will love you.

As long as there is time,
As long there is love,
As long as I have a breath
to speak your name...

I will always love you.....

Love you Christopher,


Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Wed, 9/2/09, 12:43 PM


The Pit of Grief

The day my child died, I fell into the pit of grief. My friends watched me struggle through daily life; waiting for the person I once was to arise from the pit, not realizing 'she' is gone forever.

The pit is full of darkness, heartache and despair; it paralyzes your thoughts, movements and ability to ration. The pit leaves you forever changed, unable to surface the person you once were.

Some of my pre-grief friends gather around the top of the pit, waiting for the old me to appear before their eyes, not understanding what’s taking me so long to emerge. After all, in their eyes, I’ve been in the pit for quite sometime. Yet in my eyes, it seems as if I fell in only yesterday.

Not all of my pre-grief friends are gathered around the top of the pit. Some are helping me with the climb out of the darkness. They climb side by side with me from time to time, but mostly they climb ahead of me, waiting patiently at each plateau. Even with these friends I sometimes wonder if they are also waiting for the pre-grief me to magically appear before their eyes.

Then there are the casual acquaintances, you know the ones who say 'Hi, how are you?' when they really don't care or really want to know. These are the people who sigh in relief, that is my child who died and not theirs. You know ... the 'better them, than me' attitude.

My post-grief friends are the ones who climb with me, side by side, inch by inch, out of the pit of grief. They have no way of comparing the pit climbed to the pre-grief person I once was. You see, they started at the bottom of the pit with me. They are able to reassure me when I need reassurance, rest when I need resting, and encourage me to move forward when I don't have the strength. They have no expectations, no memories and no recollection of how I 'should' be. They want me to get better, to smile more often and find joy in life, but they also accepted the person I’ve become. The 'person' who is emerging from the pit.


Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Wed, 9/2/09, 11:53 AM


A Mother's Child

A mother's child is every breath that she takes,
walking hand in hand, they are every step that she makes.

And as their steps will grow to strides,
still a child, in mother's eyes.

Every ache and pain they shall feel,
mother will share and with love she will kneel.

She will pray to God to take care of her child,
to protect and guide them through every mile.

Her child is the very core of her soul,
from baby in arms to an adult they will grow.

For to a mother, her child will stay,
the precious infant she held that day.


All my love always,


Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Tue, 9/1/09, 3:41 AM



A Son's touch, A Son's kiss,
A grieving Mother, You're greatly missed.

An empty house, An empty chair,
A child's love, No longer there.

A broken heart, Tear filled eye,
Another soul to fill the sky.

Many memories in my mind,
Some I laugh, Some I cry.

The times we shared, The things we've done,
Things I miss when I think of you Son.

Realizing that's all I have to hold on to,
Only memories, Of what once was you.

Missing your laugh, I will never again hear.
That is the reality that fills me with so much fear.

No more smile on your face,
No more warmth of your embrace.

The last hug, The last kiss,
The last 'goodbye' leaves me with one last wish...

To have you Son, here today,
Never to leave your Mother this way.

A Son's touch, A Son's kiss,
A grieving Mother, YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED

Love you always Christopher,


Dear Christopher

A Note to Christopher by Florence Ameen posted on Sat, 8/22/09, 11:29 AM

This is originally a song by Luther Vandross which I took the liberty to re-arrange.

Back when I was a child
Before life removed all innoncence
My father would lift me high
And dance with my mother and me
And then
Spin me around 'till I fell asleep
Then to my bed he would carry me
And I knew for sure
I was loved.

When I and my mother
Would disagree
To get my way I would run
From her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do
Just what my mother said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet.

If we could get another chance
Another walk
Another dance with you
We'd play a song that would never end
How we would love, love,love
To dance all three of us again.

We know we're praying for much to much
But could you send us
The child we love
We know you don't usually
But Dear Lord
To steal one final glance
One final step
We're dying to dance....All three of us again.

Every night we fall asleep
This is all we ever dream.

Gee Christopher....remember when you were young there was always music playing in the house. I remember picking you up to dance with us but you always wanted dad to hold you because he was so tall. Constantly....all memories like this flood my mind. Dad and I miss you so much. We are never going to be the same again until the three of us are together again.



We always and still love you dearly.

Love Mom and Dad