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A Tribute to Hannah Marie Manning

Hannah Manning
Sarah Real, Hannah's Sister
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I remain in case the 1 and the 3 callI feel a bit silly admitting this, but for the last two years whenveer I see something cute for babies, I buy it. That way I now have a small collection of beautiful things for my child that is not even here yet (though hopefully will be soon). Your blanket (gray edge) should absolutely be in that collection, together with the Apple Papple print I already have from your shop!De dc3a4r granarna gc3b6r mig glad, sc3a5 behgilgaa att se pc3a5. Vc3a5r minsting Hugo skulle c3a4lska att bc3a4dda ner sig sjc3a4lv och dockorna och alla njukisdjuren under den, och jag skulle tycka att hans kaosstc3b6kiga rum skulle bli trevligare att stiga in i om granarna fanns dc3a4r. Vi c3b6nskar oss filten med grc3a5 kant.I really don’t mean this nealtivegy   but are these all 5 week pictures? I feel like I should be showing more at 8.5 weeks (and I’m no small woman).  Are you finding its bloat or actual  showing ?We lit a candle in your honor tonight. You were celebrating with us tonight! I gave the baby a big kiss for you and I felt your love and warmth surround us with joy! I am thankful to have had you in my life. I will love and miss you always sweet girl! XoxoxYou are my light, you left, we will be together again, my love  always, dadThe reason some woman show berofe others is because a lot of us have had children previously, our muscles are not as taught as first timers!! Every woman has a different shape and size. Just because some of you feel that they shouldn’t be showing as soon as they are doesn’t mean that we are just bloated or were bigger to begin with. The point of posting all of these pics are to share how we are changing in THIS pregnancy, its exciting to see and to share with others. So please keep your negative comments to yourself. If you are pregnant and looking at this then you should know that a lot of us are very selfconcious this is the last place we should be judged as we are all mothers and should know the changes that our bodies are going to be going through. Lets be encouriging to each other not negative"All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No mtetar. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." Samuel BeckettI think you are all very talented! Your video’s are aminazg, my son who is 7 loves your harry potter videos, he watches them and over and over and knows all the words to them, also my daughter who is 4 loves your Twilight videos she sits there and sings along to them. We are from the UK! Can’t wait for the next video!!Hannah was one of my patients at  workplace and I could still remember her sweet smile and kind heart.  I can’t believe it’s been over a year already but I still think of her time to time. She was full of love and she takes a special place in all the people that knew her.  RIP Hannah.To a beautiful soul who touched my heart. I love you, I miss you. Your love and kindness lives through the lives you have touched. You will always be my best friend and my sister. Nothing will ever change that fact. I’m thinking of you always. Even in the darkness left in your wake of your passing the light of your love shines through.
Reno, NV
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hannah Banana, B, Haji, Haji Banaji
Hannah Marie's Tribute Site

  • Hannah's Story on NVDonor.Org

    posted on Thu, 6/7/12, 2:07 PM by Sarah Real

    Hannah's story has reached NVDonor.org! Hopefully her strength may inspire those who may not have considered the benefits of organ donation for familys and patients living with illnesses. Please encourage others to be an organ donor, and consider being an organ donor if you haven't already!

    Read Hanah's Story Here: http://www.nvdonor.org/index.php/category/personal-stories/

    Register as an Organ Donor Here: https://www.donoregistry.org/Register/Dynamic/Enrollment.aspx?RegistryOwnerID=3&LanguageCode=en

    And for those of you who need to be educated on the FACTS about organ donation or have any questions please follow this link: http://www.nvdonor.org/index.php/understanding-donations/facts/

    Thank you all.

  • Hannahs Foundation for Helping Hands

    posted on Fri, 12/16/11, 5:04 PM by michael manning

    Hannah's Foundation for Helping Hands

    Hannah's Foundation for Helping Hands

        [1] Hannah's Foundation

       In Memory of Hannah Marie Manning, who left the world a better place. Hannah went home to live in eternity with her father in heaven  Dec 12th 2011. She died a champion over pain and suffering  from complications with her Liver transplant at Indiana University Hospital. Hannah's Foundation for Helping Hands will serve as an extension of Hannah's life's story, and a way for others to duplicate her kindness.

       In the simplicity of her short life it goes like this: Hannah's Foundation for Helping Hands costs only a moments concern for others in Hannah's memory. Imagine you are at the right place, at the right time to help someone in need. It might be as an item that could help someone, or a kindness that promotes well being for another person. We want to know the creative way in which you gifted someone recently, not to "boast"  but in the spirit of "boosting" duplication in other people.

      Here is the example that started this Foundation by Hannah's father, Mike Manning: "After a sleepless night at the Ronald MacDonald House in Indianapolis, I was checking out, and realized I has two unused transit tickets which had been given to me by the hospital. I handed them to the kind and empathetic manager, and asked her to give them to a family in need- that she would surely see soon. I told her that Hannah would have wanted the tickets to go to such a person.

    Here are some things that Hannah taught with her life:

    "love everyone who enters the room"
    "learn what others like and let them know they are accepted"
    "be a peace maker no matter how much it costs"
    "love life because you've been given a gift of life, to give away"
    "live in a circle of love with your friends"
    "play beautiful music because it  makes people happy"
    "believe you are a miracle in the making when you make a difference with your life"

               A culture of care has begun, all of us are better when we are kind,
     be someones angel, kindness and concern is a way of life.

August 4th, 2013: Gone

A Journal Entry by Sarah Real posted on Tue, 6/23/15, 10:17 PM

 Here I am today.

Standing with pride, and hope and joy. 

But where are you my dearest friend? 

Here I am today.

Smiling at the gratitude for sunny skies and good fortune. Painting compositions of elation. 

But where are you? 

Lessons learned and mind at ease. No troubled past, no contempt, just peace. 
How I long to share this chapter, but you won't be here now or here thereafter.

I wish you were here to share this life with me. The birds, the ocean, the earth and the tress. The mornings, the evenings, the starry night sky.

But you're gone now my love, and I still wonder why.

Hannah, fond of memories

A Memory of Hannah by michael manning posted on Fri, 12/12/14, 8:08 PM

 I follow my memories of you each day

Along the watchtower look not away

Believe in life after dark there's light

In trust this short and mortal mind

To revel in threads on memories in twined

And grieve till all my days unwind


I love you darling, always untill we are reunited and then forever


teaching piano at Sparks Music

A Memory of Hannah by michael manning posted on Thu, 9/11/14, 12:45 PM

 Hannah taught Piano at Sparks Music. It was exillerating to know she had obtained her goal of teaching. Hannah's students loved her and dad was proud of his little girl.

Dear Hannah

A Note to Hannah by michael manning posted on Thu, 9/11/14, 5:03 AM

Dear Hannah,

Nothing has changed about my daily thoughts of you. You are still my baby girl, and my love for you knows no bounds and it resists the rust of time. I am more confident and excited to see you in our Father's house where I know you are waiting healed and happy. Thank you for your love and forgiving heart, I am forever in love with you my sweet daughter. Dad

Dear Hannah

A Note to Hannah by michael manning posted on Wed, 9/11/13, 12:31 AM

Dear Hannah,
I am still working on "A Father's Heart Ep" it seems it's taking forever, but it has focused my energy on the positive nature of God's grace in getting me personally through the almost two years since your death. I'm so alone without your special place in my world, you always loved and accepted me even though my dreams of providing for you was a distant "someday." I will carry the torch for your foundation to the end of my life, in it I find affinity with your loving nature, and through it I will build a resting place that carries on your spirit. I have will also bury you in a place that your sister and mother can visit, laying flowers and singing songs of renewal and peace that you fostered in all our hearts. Missing you today and always, dad.

Reflection on a lovely life

A Memory of Hannah by Timothy Palmer posted on Wed, 2/29/12, 4:40 AM

Hannah was such a sweet girl and I loved her very much. When I was younger, I always looked forward to going to Reno, because we would visit with family. I liked seeing my favorite little cousins Sarah and Hannah. We would play, or they would tell me about what was going on in their lives. I loved when Hannah would play the piano for me; she was so talented at it. She was a very musically gifted young lady. One thing, out of many, that I loved about Hannah was that she seemed to always be smiling. Hannah was such a sweet soul and I think that even when things weren’t perfect in her life, she always appeared to be at peace. Seeing her always made me feel cheerful and happy. I hope that I can follow her example and learn to be a little happier more often and appreciate life no matter how it is going. I hope I can apply her attitude to my daily life and have just a bit of her strength, because I would have such a wellspring of might for whatever I may want do. I believe that all of us who knew this lovely young lady are truly blessed. I will miss Hannah greatly, but I hope to keep her loving energy near me by trying to remember her example and be that positive and happy energy to someone else. God Bless you Hannah, I will hold you in my heart always.