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A Tribute to KEITH BODDY

Deanna Anderson, KEITH's Girlfriend
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You were a great person, so fun to be around, and sooo cute! I miss you
everyday and forever. I just wish you were here so I could kiss you one more time and see that beautiful smile of yours. You were a one of a kind person, so young at heart and so smart and so talented. I'm so glad I knew you and was a special part of your life. You were so special to me and I will always miss you. You were taken way to soon from this earth. You will be loved and missed till the day I die. I can't wait to see you again in heaven. I love you so much!! Love always and forever, Mama
  • Memories

    posted on Thu, 3/12/09, 8:34 PM by Kristi Boddy

    Hi Brother!


    Hey, I want you to know some of my favorite memories of you are with me for good. One that I think and share often is when you were in your wheelchair and I didn't want to help you with something and you got so mad you flipped your whellchair back so you were on your head, you rolled over and started crawling after me in a rage, you said, very angrily, "I am gonna get you"....All I remember from there is the mad look on your face and me running all the way to Day and Nite store to stay there until I saw mom's car come home and I knew you couldn't get me!!!

    My last visit with you is a very special memory to me and to Bryce. I remember how you and Dee Dee made a special trip up to the cabin to see Bryce and I. That meant a lot to me then, more to me now. You looked so good, so in shape. In fact, I said to myself that I wish I could look so tone at 45! Funny! I also remember you on the beach talking to Bryce and teaching him something! You guys were throwing rocks....it made me smile then and still does today. The time you took to come see us ws and is special to me.

    Bryce still talks of you, he does his own little things to remember you, he bought some sun glasses with red white and blue flames, because they reminded him of you!

    Anyway, your kids think of you often, well... everyone does... I know you know it and feel it.

    Thanks for being you!!


    Love your sister!


A Note to KEITH by Deanna Anderson posted on Fri, 10/16/09, 1:45 AM


You came to me in my dreams again on October 11th and it meant the world to me. The strangest thing about it was when I was nodding out and my eyes opened wide open and I knew you were going to come to me, I just felt it and you did. When you wrapped your arms around me and told me that you loved me so much it was exactly what I needed, so thank you Keith. I love you so much and miss you so much. You were such a beautiful and special person to me. Love always, Me

Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Deanna Anderson posted on Tue, 8/11/09, 6:41 PM


It was a year ago today, you were taken away, forever in my heart is where you'll always stay. If there's one thing to you I wish I could say, is that I always loved you since that first day. I'll never forget you as long as I live, if there's one thing to you I wish I could give, it's a big old kiss on those sexy lips, and wrapping my arms around you I will always miss. I hope you know just how much you meant to me, my heart is still so broken as you can plainly see. Losing you has turned my world so bleak, you were the one, you were just so unique. There will never be anyone like you, and this in my heart I know is true. I will always love you and miss you forever, I wish you were here and we were still together. You were my babe, Keith. Love always, Me.





A Note to KEITH by Deanna Anderson posted on Thu, 3/19/09, 12:20 AM


Keith, you will never be forgotten ever, our souls are connected for ever and ever!  Love you!  Me

Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Deanna Anderson posted on Tue, 3/17/09, 3:09 PM




Just thinking of you and missing you terribly today, and always as far as that goes. I am moving down to Van den Akkers which will be nice cuz I have so many good memories of when we worked there. I gave Emile one of your bumper stickers that Kristi made and he put it right in the middle of his office window. I know he misses you too. After all he did call you his #1 man. You were mine too, always. Sometimes I wish I would wake up and this whole thing was just a bad dream but it's not and that's what is so hard. I miss your mellowness and your charasmatic personality and of course that gorgeous face of yours. You were definitely a 10 in my eyes. I laugh when I think back of all the times you would stand in front of the full length mirror and say "I am drop dead sexy" That you were without a doubt. I love you and miss you so much!  Your "party gal"

Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Deanna Anderson posted on Thu, 2/26/09, 12:49 PM

Hi honey, You came to me in my dreams again the other night and what you said made me feel so good!  Before I went to bed and told you that yes, I wanna do this again with you when I cross over to spirit and you told me you did too it made me so happy. We are soul mates and now I know you know that too. I love you so, so much!! I wish you were here with me, and your family. We all miss you and always will!  Love Always , Me


A Memory of KEITH by Deanna Anderson posted on Mon, 2/2/09, 5:25 PM



Hey babe, I was just laying here taking a cat nap and I was looking out at the clouds and it gave me deja vu and it reminded me of that evening we took Jerry's boat out to empty the crab cage and you were wearing that long sleeved blue shirt unbuttoned and you looked so good and we road around trying to find the crab pot forever and it was finally that last one that we found and you're mom and dad were ready to call the coast gaurd on us because we were gone so long and I was just thinking about that day and how you always made me feel safe and protected with you and I really miss that about you. I love you. I miss you. I would give anything to have you back here again. Love, Me   XOXOXOXO

Journal Entry

A Journal Entry by Deanna Anderson posted on Thu, 1/29/09, 10:23 AM


Keith, I hope you heard everything I said to you last night. I just felt you here with me when I went to bed and it felt so good to feel your presence around me and I meant every word I said. I can't believe that it's coming up on 6 months since you left. It's still hard and I cry quite often but everyday the pain eases a little more and the good memories are starting to come out. I feel you in my heart every minute and I know you're looking over me and helping me through this grief and I know you and I will be together again someday but under much better circumstances. You were the love of my life and always will be. I miss you and love you so much and you're always in my thoughts and prayers even though I know you already know that.  Love, Me