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A Tribute to Lee Rodger Allan Adams Askew

Lee Adams Askew
Linda Adams, Lee's Mother
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Love you every day, not just on your birthday 💙My darling son, Birthday’s come and birthdays go but all I can give you is my heart and soul. Until I come to you above. Then I can hug you and give you all my love. Until we are together again Happy birthday Lee love and kisses I send to heaven.My Darling you know you are always on my mind. One day we will be together again. Until then I send all my love and hugs to you Lee 22 years without you. X x x x My darling Son I hope you had a good birthday.And all the angels sang to you. I love you and I miss you so much I will always be wishing you would come see me. come see your mum I’m waiting to see you I’ve missed you so much son I know it’s been a long time but to you it’s not a long time at all so please come see your mum happy birthday I love you sonHappy Heavenly Birthday missed millions xxHow I wish they had visiting hours in heaven. Then I would visit every day. Love you so much LeeMy baby boy I love and miss you so muchdarling it your Angel day. 19 years have passed but still feels like just a short time ago you left. I love and miss you Lee x x x x x x x x x x x xToday it is 17 years since I heard your  voice  touched your  face or see you  smile. I love and miss you so much Lee.Rest a while till it is my time to come home to you and dad x x x x x Loved you then, love you now, nothing changed there...but MISS you millionsMy brother Lee was one of a kind, funny, loving , cheeky, giving, but could also be a little oik. Would not have wanted him any other way. He is loved, missed and thought about every day. Love ya Ginga xx
Harlow Essex
Colchester Essex
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  • Another poem

    posted on Wed, 6/27/07, 7:07 AM by Linda Adams

    God he did come and take your hand,

    He lead you to the promised land

     Where there is light and joy for all

     He took away my darling son.

     I am you ever loving mum.

    But I know that he knows best

     And that is why he gave you your rest.

     So be happy my darling son

    untill it is my time to come.

    Your dad is with you now and so

    I am glad now you are not alone.

    Love and miss you so much ,

    Till we are togeather again

    I love and hold you in my heart.

    love your mum x x x x x x x x

  • My Daddy

    posted on Wed, 6/27/07, 7:03 AM by Linda Adams
    Lee  had a son Luke Andrew he is now 10 years old, He still talks about his daddy who he always says he loves

From mum

A Journal Entry by Linda Adams posted on Wed, 6/27/07, 5:28 AM

Lee you know that you are always in my thoughts and i love and miss you so much,One day we will be togeather again

Love you always your mum for ever x x x x x x x x x x x x xx

My Darling son

A Memory of Lee by Linda Adams posted on Wed, 6/27/07, 5:18 AM

Lee was and always will be so special. He was a lad that always thought of outhers, He did a sky dive for charity also heped out in a special needs school.He would go and play with a child that could not walk and was in a wheel chair.Lee is a special lad