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A Tribute to Naomi Wilson

Naomi Wilson
Linzi Davison, Naomi's Friend
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W9M1lW  ynjizepanirfd78fng  uofugutlbtluHi Mo,Watched you in Dreamers a couple of weeks ago thuhgot you were great. I am a big Westlife fan and you sang Flying without wings for me which made my night. We went in Dreamers everynight as there are not many live shows now in Los Cristianos now that O’Flahertys and Chicagos have closed so watching you made a nice change. Will be coming to Tenerife again soon so will certainly come and see you down the Penny Farthing. All the best Jenny and Terry Baileyx
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A Memory of Naomi by Linzi Davison posted on Wed, 2/13/08, 12:45 PM

i didnt reli no wat memories to rite about so im jus goin to ryt bout loads of tings i can membr bout u an me an lots of tings we did!!! we had so many good times 2gethr n u wer an absolute blast il nevr forget them u wer so amazin!ther was all those nites that we sat in the shop keepin scott goin kus i used to fancy the pants off him lol an the nites ovr christmas wen we went an bought lots of bottles of shloer n sat in the park n they always used to mak us reali hyper lol!!!! any1 had of seen us they wud of thought we wer full lol!!!!! i remembr u used to rite on ur hand with smelly pens n then lick them n try to get other people to lick ur hand kus they reli did taste lik chocolate lol an u always used to ask people wen ther birthday was n if it was before urs u wud say ha ur gona die before me if only it was true baby i wish u wer stil here u hav no idea how much i miss u u wer such an amazin person an u hav no idea how much u r missed not jus by me but by every1 dat new u!!!!! u wer truly unbelievable  an i will love u 4evr my lil angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

naomi's sleepover

A Memory of Naomi by Linzi Davison posted on Wed, 2/13/08, 6:37 AM

i will nevr forget this nite as long as i live. all week we had gathered things up for "our sleepover" and friday night finally came. we mucked about upstairs and danced to ur fav song khia my neck my back lol!!!! then wen ur mum went to bed we went down stairs an watchd tv we wer ment to stay up all nyt but we kudnt lol an we fell asleep watchn dat dvd lol!!!!! wel dats our wee sleepover angel iv loads more memories to rite but im gona do them all separate so everyone can c how many memories wev had an now ur gone il never forget them ul always be in my heart.  i love you angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx