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A Tribute to Bonnie Thibault

Bonnie Thibault
Patti Manino, Bonnie's Sister
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for my sister, my best friend.
There are currently no announcements for Bonnie Thibault's Warm Tribute Online Memorial yet.

Aunt Norma

A Memory of Bonnie by Barbara Humphreys posted on Tue, 9/4/07, 6:34 AM

Aunt Norma is like a second mom to me. She was a great listener and gave great advise.

She loved her family and they were the most important to her.

At this time of the year Aunt Norma and my mom would go to the State Fair together.

Whenever the family got together I always remember Aunt Norma always use to say to

Bonnie, Patti and I what are you three doing now? She meant what kind of trouble are

we getting into! She knew us like an book! We all had a lot of laughs with Aunt Norma.

I deeply miss her! I love you Aunt Norma!

miss you

A Journal Entry by Patti Manino posted on Wed, 7/25/07, 11:15 AM

just wanted you to know that I miss you.


A Memory of Bonnie by Patti Manino posted on Wed, 7/25/07, 11:00 AM

I once gave my sister a necklace for her birthday, It was the big sis/ lil sis one that you split into two pieces. Well, for christmas eve, not to be outdone, she gave me the same type only it was the best friend one. We joked about which half I should give her, she ended up with the friend part because she was a friend to everyone.Little did I know when I walked out of her house that night that it would be that last time I woiuld see her and it became the most treasured gift I would ever recieve.


A Journal Entry by Patti Manino posted on Tue, 7/24/07, 11:41 AM

she was the best there was when it came to sisters. I miss her more than anyone can imagine.