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A Tribute to Mary Frances Parish

Mary  Parish
Terry Parish, Mary 's Son
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Love and miss you Mom, three years ago you left this world and went to a better place, I am sure you wouldn’t come back if you could. I thank you for raising me and caring for us we grew, us meaning four children. Awesome memories, your son Robert, love youMiss you grandmama.  Tpcq3s  johiypktglycEWd3xM  uwzfmpqrltheKedves Pista Be1csi !Ma este nem tudok elmenni a tangf3harmonika esdrete, mert me1r haza_ utaztunk, letelt az fcdfcle9s.c9n vagyok az a szőke kisle1ny aki ismeri a magyar nf3te1kat.Ke9pzeld! dagy tudom, hogy ismered az e9n zongora tane1rne9nimet akit fagy hedvnak, hogy Nick Andrea. Elmese9ltfck neki ,hogy milyen jf3t e9nekeltfcnk egyfctt.Most operett estre ke9szfclf6k Andi ne9nivel. Zongore1zni fogom a   Te rongyos e9let  cedmű dalt e9s e9nekelni fogom a   Hajme1si Pe9ter, Hajme1si Pe1l   cedmű operettet.Ha lesz időd edrje1l Nekem levelet.dcdvf6zf6llek e9s puszillak : Erős LauraDear Mom,<br />It’s been over two months since you left me. Most of the family have gone on with their lives. Everyone has lied about being there for each other. Terrene hasn’t contacted anyone since she left the memorial. Robert still has your table. He said he’d sell it for me. Yeah, right. Most everything else is in Bootsie’s house. If I ever leave, she will let Trina and her so-called thief boyfriend stay, even though he stole her two portable generators. Bootsie bought a new car. She still believes Kern is Mister wonderful
Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Charleston, South Carolina
She was a mother. She was a wife. She was a homemaker. She was my mother. Even with all the worrying about me, that drove me crazy, I don't blame her. I was who I was. Now that she is gone, I miss that part of her. Sure I have survived all my little problems and adventures, but I still miss her. Love ya mom.
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Dear Mary

A Note to Mary by Terry Parish posted on Wed, 3/7/12, 12:08 PM

Dear Mary ,

Teen Years

A Note to Mary by Terry Parish posted on Mon, 3/5/12, 11:38 AM

Dear Mary ,


A Memory of Mary by Michael Jester posted on Sun, 3/4/12, 3:44 PM

I will never forget the times we spent on the phone gabbing about the little stuff.  To see what we were both up to, to see how we were both feeling, to wish each other Happy Birthday since we were so far apart.  I will miss your lovely Birthday cards.  I will miss our conversations. I will miss your voice.  I will miss your laughter.  I will miss it all.

Love you Grandmama

Michael - Your grandson