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A Tribute to Sheliah Renee Snow

Sheliah Snow
Angel Snow-Sappington, Sheliah's other
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Kansas City
Little Momma
  • 4 Years

    posted on Fri, 2/6/09, 6:30 AM by Angel Snow-Sappington

    It's going on 4 years guys!!  Let's keep in contact with each other, and let Sheliah (Momma) know that we do still think of her.  I just feel like even though it's hard for us to communicate with each other in person or phone, if we come on this site and express how we feel , we can understand how we all feel and what we're thinking.  I love you guys, and please let's keep in touch...  Come on and let's continue to talk to momma every once in a while, I know it can't be everyday. 



    Love you guys!!

  • Please View

    posted on Wed, 5/14/08, 5:45 PM by Angel Snow-Sappington

    Please, I'm asking if you guys would  visit this site every once in a while to keep in contact with Momma (Sheliah), and that way we can all know how we're feeling.  This site is free, and you can do your own on another loved one, if you like.

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A Note to Sheliah by Angel Snow-Sappington posted on Wed, 6/24/09, 9:46 AM

Dear Momma,


HAPPY 53rd BIRTHDAY girl!!!  It's been 4 long years, it seems like it's been a lifetime.  I really do miss you alot, but I know that you are in a better place.  I'm still celebrating your birthday like you were right here with me, because you are here with me in spirit.




Love Angel

Late Night Gatherings

A Memory of Sheliah by Angel Snow-Sappington posted on Tue, 3/3/09, 7:25 AM



I remember, on Friday or Saturday nights, everyone would come over to the house, and ya'll would drink and play cards all night long.  It would be you, Starling, Tony, Kathy, sometimes Regina, Nannie, and Troy.  You guys would just laugh and have so much fun, and then they would try and drive home after all that drinking.  Sometimes we would go over Tony and Kathy's house and do the same thing, except when we went over there, even the older teens would play cards, Me, Kissha, and, Latresse (that's when we were old enough to not be forced to stay upstairs with the other kids).  Times are so much different now, it's like no one is close anymore.  I mss you so much, and I can't wait to see you again. 

                                                                              I love you, and I always will.

Dear Sheliah

A Note to Sheliah by Kissha Hood posted on Fri, 2/6/09, 8:14 AM

Dear Sheliah,

I will never forget your smile..

I can hear your laugh..

I see you in your sons..

I recognize your gentleness, straightforwardness, patience and love in your daughters..

I see you continuing in your grandchildren..

I wish you were here...But I understand you have greater works to do there...

Love You,



Missing You

A Memory of Sheliah by Aleta Hayes posted on Thu, 5/31/07, 7:17 PM

Hey you!

I have missed you everyday since you left, although I strongly feel your presence. You understood me like no other! I trust that you are at peace, and are unable to see the distance between those you left behind. You were the glue that held everyone together!

Rest in peace, and pray for us. 'Til we meet again- Love you!

Missing You

A Memory of Sheliah by Angel Snow-Sappington posted on Mon, 5/28/07, 11:08 PM

Momma, I've been missing you like crazy for the past 2 years.  I don't know how I've held up all of this time.  It's like a big old empty hole in my heart and in my life, that just can't be replaced.  Right now I can just see the smile on your face, the same smile that you had for years that I can remember.  Your laugh just tickled me because you were so tickled.  Everything about you I love to remember, because you were so loving, caring, and giving.  Just know this, I will always love you, and miss you..

Love, Angel LaTriece "Lucy" Snow