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A Tribute to Tj Davis

Tj Davis
Lyndsey Bennett, Tj's Cousin
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Guru,In my opinion, 9/11 hapeenpd for a combination of reasons, based on very simple motivations. There is no conspiracy at work here. The bottom line is a group of terrorists devised a cunning plan to hijack airplanes, and ram them into buildings. Why did they do it?Hatred of America. Many of these groups don’t like American foreign policy in the region, like our support for Israel.  Religious fervor.  Religious extremist in the Muslim faith believe that killing the infidels is Allah’s will and the quickest way to heaven.Economic frustraion.  The poor of the Middle East see their leader class wallow in riches while they suffer.  Were it not for oil, the countries and peoples of the Middle East would be unable to participate in the global economy. Individuals.  Some people are crazy.  Some people are motivated by personal gain, religious conviction or revenge.  People, got on those plans and flew them into buildings.  People choose to strap bombs to their chest and blow themselves up while killing others.  That’s a personal decision that they must make.  What their motivations could be are known only to them and their maker.Hir sir Tim, I’m very much impressed of what you’ve shraed unto us in 2nd student marketing convention held at CICC. Indeed u made me inspired of  the story you’ve shraed..It was an awesome presentation.. I hope u can train me on how to start a business with no capital just for  free which is very applicable in my field as a marketing student . What a WOW experienced! Thank you ANd God Bless..Never ever forgotten!
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Roanorke Rapids,NC
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Too Soon!

A Memory of Tj by Lyndsey Bennett posted on Tue, 8/5/08, 6:50 PM

His favorite color was red, His eyes were the brightest blue. He loved to get me in trouble.


  May 25 2007, it changed his world, my families world. A week before, my cell phone rang i was just driving home from dropping his little sister off at the house, when he called, hey lester his voice couldnt disguish the excitement, me i knew he was up to something. Where are you?? Going to Alamaba, it floored me Alabama he doesn't like to ride. But he was almost there, promised me he's call me as soon as he got to the place they were staying and told me he loved me, that's the last time i heard his voice. 3am i got a text telling me he was there and he was going to bed and that he loved me.And on May 25th at 3pm, his friend(that's what TJ called him--now, he's just some dumb punk that dont care about anyone but his self) ran a light. Tj was in the back of the truck with 3 other guys, he was hurt bad.My Aunt and Parents jumped in the car and were gone us kids were left crying. We kept calling Are you there yet, how about now? What's going on? No one would tell us anything. I checked my voicemail and there was a message from an Alabama police officer, I called the number back, he needed Tj's date of birth. I asked him a million questions , not one was answered, he redirected them into questions about Tj, that he needed answered. They stayed a week, Tj's dad took and week then it was there turn again. 3 weeks later they finally flew him to Wake Med. I will never 4get that day! I cried so hard. Happy to see him, mad that this happen to him, sad that i couldnt fix it, I would have given anything, My life anything in this world to have changed things. He fought so hard, good days bad days 10 months of fighting. We took turns at Wake,at the nursing facility someone was there everyday, talking to him...............