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A Tribute to Omar Bhim Ramjit

Omar  Ramjit
Surendra Ramjit, Omar 's Brother
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Its september 2014 what else is there to say that I think of you every day but feel so happy you are in a better place looking down on us
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Dear Omar

A Note to Omar by Surendra Ramjit posted on Tue, 10/4/11, 10:17 PM

Dear Omar ,

I will always love you....You are my father and brother....My life has not been the same without you in it.But im trying to put the pieces together again and i pray i will overcome this madness in my mind....My days have been dark as of lately.....You have on my mind abundantly......i hope everyday to see you but you never show up......At time i get so selfish and believe you have abandoned me....But i know not to question he most highs' judgement.....Youv  will always be missed and i will always be brokwen without you....you raised me and always will be missed....